Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Pike takes his responsibilities seriously, and approaches them with total dedication and adherence to the facts, rules, and regulations of the fleet. He expects others to turn up on time, to show equal respect for their role as captain, and to follow procedure. He believes in making tactical and logical (smart) decisions rather than taking chances or going off his emotions. He rose through the ranks and succeeded, and takes pride in that success. Whenever something isn’t functioning to its full potential (including Kirk!), Pike takes it in hand and tries to fix it (in Kirk’s case, by telling him some hard truths and knocking him back in line). He takes pride in controlling himself, and being a commanding presence in the room. Though he doesn’t often talk about his feelings, Pike clearly has a deep affection for Kirk and in a sense, identifies with him; and as such, wants him to succeed, enough to give him multiple chances to prove himself. He does, however, give the impression that he believes Kirk’s conduct should be modeled after his own behavior, a trait of dominant Te-types. His affection for the program and his pride in being a part of it, is tied to a desire to be part of something greater than himself, but tied to humanity on the whole. The traditions and routine appeal to him, and he has great faith in making decisions based on prior experience and knowledge. Pike enjoys is work, because it solidifies teamwork and a greater sense of unity between the different races and planets. He prefers to work through the ranks, and builds extensive wisdom and a knowledge of the program as he goes. In a controlled environment, he welcomes suggestions and alternate ideas, so long as they push toward their universal goals. Pike senses the potential in people, and pushes them to work toward becoming who they are capable of being (Kirk). His desire to learn more about the unknown, and to experience a sense of adventure in a less-controlled environment, no doubt drew him to join the program in the first place.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Pike is able to see the potential in others and pushes them to be a better person. He gives Kirk multiple chances to prove his worth and cautions him to be more careful, principled, and use his passions for a “good cause” (something above himself). He leads an exemplary life, and expects Kirk to look up to him as a good example of how to behave appropriately. He does things by the book and expects the same from his crew. His 2 wing makes him more forgiving of others’ mistakes and generous in his advice and leadership. Even when Kirk lets him down through breaking the rules and being reckless, Pike still has faith in him.