Sulu is an effective innovator in the moment, solving problems as they are going on around him, through quick thinking—such as carefully piloting the Enterprise into Saturn’s orbit to hide the ship from enemy sensors, firing phasers and photon torpedoes at enemy ships, and improvising whenever Kirk or anyone else leaves him in charge of the Enterprise. Though a non-emotionally-demonstrative man, Sulu does take his responsibilities to the rest of the crew seriously and models the behavior of a captain, in his refusal to abandon ship. He admits after having a taste of it, that he would like to advance and become a captain after all. He is risk-taking and adventurous, quick to react in the moment. Sulu participates in the dangerous space dive to disable Nero’s drilling rig, then uses his hand-to-hand combat skills to save Kirk’s life, quickly reacting on his feet. He sees and takes the chance to shield them from enemy sensors by maneuvering them into a magnetic orbit. Sulu quickly races after an enemy vessel, to prevent its escape. He often takes part in their risky “on-world” adventures, and shows no problems adapting to his environment. Sulu shows little Ni, since the plots mainly rely on him reacting in the moment.


Sulu’s Enneagram isn’t apparent. This section will be updated later, if I can figure out his core fears and coping mechanisms through re-watches.