Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Khan is a brutal, efficient tactical leader, who takes what intuitive perception gave him about Kirk and comes up with a nearly foolproof plan for liberating his crew from hibernation, destroying the highest members of Star Fleet (whom he holds personally responsible for any “evils” committed against his crew), and nearly catapulting the fleet into war. He’s so efficient at putting these plans into motion that Kirk nearly dies in the process of stopping him—and only his own hubris, and inability to understand higher moral codes, is his downfall. He clearly feels strongly about what he’s doing, and believes it’s for a higher purpose – it angers him that he lost his crew and that Star Fleet used and abused him. He prioritizes the lives of those he cares most about, over everyone else, and sneers that Kirk’s emotions are so easily impacted by a sob story. Khan devalues life so much he believes Spock genuinely murdered his entire crew – underestimating both the Vulcan’s inner value code, and how furious Kirk’s death would make him. He perceives much about every single member of Kirk’s team, intuiting that Kirk is a loose cannon, the perfect person to set off on his own trail, since he’ll defy Starfleet, ignore orders, and enact his own kind of justice – then fall prey to Khan’s manipulations, once he appeals to Kirk’s higher sense of justice with a slightly shifted truth. He sees in Spock a “follow the code” foil, unlikely to throw a wrench into his plans (his underestimation of Spock, in not being able to intuitively perceive Spock can turn to his older self for advice, is partly his demise), etc. Khan plays with them, using them as puppets on a string, to achieve a greater individualistic goal, his ultimate intention probably to dominate the universe (Te-dom). He visualizes a complete outcome, using Te to set it into action, never varying from it once he sets it in motion. From flinging himself out into space, dodging space rocks, to beating the hell out of Kirk, personally attacking Starfleet in a helicopter, breaking a woman’s leg by stomping on it to incapacitate her, and crushing his arch-nemesis’ skull with his bare hands, to crashing his ship into a planet and hitting the ground running, Khan isn’t afraid to improvise in the moment, use extreme physical aggression, or engage with his environment, all in the service of making his greater plan work. He’s so aggressive that he scares Scotty, and Kirk knows to be careful of him – enough that Kirk’s plan is to knock him out as soon as possible.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Khan sees himself (accurately) as the dominant species on the planet, one of pure aggression and the willingness to do “whatever it takes” to succeed, unlike Kirk or Spock, whom he considers weak due to their emotional instability and tendency to rescue people. He pushes others almost constantly, eliciting emotional reactions from Kirk that further his cause, and sneers in the face of danger or insults. Khan calmly takes a vicious beating without showing any fear or even pain (8s have the highest capacity to endure physical pain of all the Enneagram types). He fears no one and nothing and is a competent commander who seizes control at the first opportunity – and if he’s not going to win, he’s going to take out as many people as he can. His 7 wing brings an impulsive, adventurous side to his scheming, as well as makes him unpredictable.