Harley got herself into a right mess, the day she decided to get involved with the Joker and dump herself in a vat of acid for the sake of “true love.” Now tossed out on her short-shorted backside, she steals a truck, drives it into their old stomping grounds, and watches the whole thing goes up in smoke. She doesn’t realize doing so puts a target on her back by announcing to the entire world that she is no longer the Joker’s hunny bunny, ergo not under his protection. But that’s cool. Harley can handle things. Need to bust a few jaws? On it. Gotta talk her way out of something? Sure, she can break into prison with one of her super-duper weapons that shoots glitter, and get a kid out of lock-up. It’s fun, to hang out with a bunch of chicks, kick people in the face, drink things up, break people’s faces and legs, and not worry about the consequences. Kinda like a sleepover, or something!! She knows what she feels, but she doesn’t wanna talk about it. Harley has independent thoughts and ideas, and “comes up with the greatest scemes,” most of which the Joker takes credit for. Boo! She heavily identifies with ‘the kid’ she yanks out of lockup, and is too moral to actually split her open from guts to garters to pull that diamond out of her stomach, so she straps the poor kid to the toilet, dumps tons of prune juice and other things down her, and waits for the diamond to turn up. In the meantime, she mopes about the Joker, drinks down her sorrows, doesn’t feel all that sorry about all the rotten things she did to deserving criminals when she was involved with the Big J, and… comes up with plans on short notice. Harley brokers her life for the diamond. She manages to avoid getting her face peeled off. She suggests to the other girls they, you know, team up and sh*t. But if something doesn’t work, she breaks it, kicks it, pummels it, and beams proudly as she walks around its smoking carcass, once she has smashed the crap out of a console. If all else fails, blast it to hell.

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/so

Harley is, above all, having a great time. Singing. Dancing. Breaking people’s legs who insult her. Then sitting on their lap and smoozing them. Buying a hyena but refusing to pay for it, and feeding one of its former owners’ legs to it, as a welcome home meal. You know, the usual stuff one does to avoid being responsible. She’s hilarious. Witty. Good-natured (unless you piss her off). She has a blast, and wants her friends to have fun too. And by George, she’s likable while she’s doing it. She literally blasts stardust everywhere she goes. Is delighted by even the smallest things. Until she decides to kick some butt, then she shifts into her 8 wing’s desire to dominate, humiliate, and stand up for herself by making sure other people know who’s boss.