Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Sarah has a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. After she sees how much the ‘miracle hair grow’ has helped her overcome her own bald patches, she sees not only how to help others, but make a profit doing it – by asking to be a saleswoman. When she is turned down, Sarah goes home and makes her own hair grow, which then becomes an entire line of beauty products. She ambitiously sees ways to attract investors (by trying to get an endorsement from a prominent black businessman, then by appealing to their wives to use their influence to help her company) and grow her bottom line. She claims that growing her own wealth enables her to help those less sufficient, and indeed, she has a philanthropic nature to go with her money-minded ways – she employs black women at four times the going rate, for half the work hours. When a fire destroys her kitchen (the incompetence of her son-in-law), Sarah sets her eye on opening up a factory—and she does, though her husband’s drunken behavior threatens to ruin her investing opportunities. She gauges and rewards her saleswomen based on their bottom line, and how competent she believes them to be. But Sarah, for all her kindness, has a blind spot: her relationships. She ruins her marriage by constantly emasculating the man who shares her bed, and not knowing how to cater to his emotional neediness. Her bluntness is ‘nothing personal,’ but … he considers her to be abrasive, controlling, and uncaring. She admits to stealing the formula that made her rich, but ‘improving it.’ Her dismissive treatment of her son-in-law, calling him stupid and lazy, is partly what turns him against her, leading him to spy for her competition. She has a fierce sense of independence, and a desire to let women be ‘who they are’ and not force them to conform to standards of white beauty. She knows to build a business in America, you need a good idea and investors, to put the hard work into building a company that lasts, and that you should branch out into a variety of products – and does all of this, becoming the first self-made female millionaire in the United States. Sarah takes what she knew worked for her (the formula / hair grow) and improves on it, then grows it into a line of hair products that cater to black women. She has many ideas about how to do this, and often creates visual scenarios in her head that are whimsical and fun, to accompany her imagination – which she always either aims at making business decisions or uses to tackle her insecurities about her appearance. She knows her son-in-law is “up to something,” but not what.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Sarah is very image-conscious and ambitious; she feels personally insulted when a woman talks down to her as a washerwoman, and dreams of bigger and better things. She determinedly sets out to get them, presenting herself with a confidence and sense of ego that frustrates her husband (though she uses words like ‘we’ with her sales ladies, he notices that in the house, it is all ‘me’ – my fortune, my money, my products). She wants to become famous and rub shoulders with important people. Sarah can make ruthless business decisions, without regard for the feelings of those around her, or even herself. She is competitive, but also able to bounce back from setbacks with a smile – she never lets anything stop her, from fires to family betrayals. It’s all about ‘looking’ respectable. Her 2 wing is genuine in its desire to help black women advance themselves, promote themselves as equals to other women, and find greater work opportunities through her line of products.