Fanny judges absolutely everything according to how she feels about it, from Keate’s ‘intolerable’ friend to the wardrobe choices her friend and family make. She brews with intense emotions and allows them to influence all her decisions, from her desire to marry Keates (despite neither of them having an income) to her love of fashion. She comes to swift conclusions, and often tries to take action on them (she immediately likes Keates, and takes him a basket of sweet breads, she nudges him to let her accompany him abroad and marry her, she also tries to slit her wrist in despair when he does not appear to return her affections). Her inferior Te shows in her resistance to her mother’s ‘rational truths’ that a marriage to a man who cannot support her would be foolish. Fanny is the most elegant, well turned out girl at the ball, who pays a lot of attention on a daily basis to her presentation, to making things aesthetically pleasing, and to innovating on her dresses so that no one looks like her, and she has more flounces and embroidery than everyone else. She prides herself on her magnificent seamstress skills, and urges others to put more thought into their appearances. She lives so much in the present, she finds it hard to imagine she will ever feel different, or love again, or that they should not marry immediately. When she first meets Keates, she has very little interest with poetry; she is impatient, she believes it is ‘hard to understand’ and only wants to deepen her ability to understand it, so that she can better understand him. By the end of the film, she has awakened her intuition and learned to read into things, although she also sometimes leaps to the wrong intuitive conclusions (his letter is shorter this time, he no longer loves me).

Enneagram: 4w3 sx/so

Fanny is a deeply emotional, creative, artistic person, who pours all her energy into creating beautiful gowns unlike what anyone else is wearing. She tends to wear her deep feelings on her sleeve, and be highly romantic and needing of connections to other people – but only those she deems as worthy of herself. She can be somewhat aloof and convinced of her superior tastes. Her 3 wing brings in melodrama, an ability to assert her feelings strongly (“Fanny wants a knife… she intends to cut her wrists with it”), and a competitive streak, as well as a strong sense of aesthetics and a desire to stand out from others. She focuses mainly on finding a specific person to connect to, but can also be assertive and opinionated.