Carson is a warm and welcoming man, highly able to sense what others need and appeal to them on a social level. He chose being a doctor as a profession in order to help people and puts them first. It’s hard for him to ask for things for himself, although he does easily express his emotions – when Ford wants him to risk their lives in piloting a puddle jumper in the middle of a hurricane, Beckett adamantly refuses and admits that he’s not the best pilot, so it would be “suicidal.” He also points out that they can do Sheppard in his predicament no good if all of them wind up dead. He is a competent med cal man, but freely admits that he does not yet know how to deal with foreign medical problems that are “so different than from anything I have previously encountered.” Carson uses his previous medical knowledge as a foundation to approach medicine in other galaxies; he’s able to branch out from there, and help one race create a vaccine that will make them immune to the Wraith. But unlike them, he is far more cautious about inoculating people immediately, without being patient and waiting long enough to see what the potential medical fall-out might be. Carson does come up with creative ideas in intense situations (Ne) but prefers to go off what he knows. Though he loves to learn new techniques and about medical advancements, Carson prefers to leave problem-solving outside his area of expertise to McKay and others with higher, more competent Ti.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Carson is a fear-driven individual, whom we first meet protesting that, due to having the Ancient gene, Stargate operations expects him to sit and try out the various weapons in their Arctic expedition. Carson wants nothing to do with it. He protests being forced to do it, he feels terrible about accidentally activating a warhead, and he would much rather defer to others. Carson refuses to take risks – he doesn’t want to pilot in bad weather, Ford often mocks him for driving so slow, and he only tackles bad weather when he has no choice. He shows the practical side of the 6 in being hesitant to engage until he knows the risks, in advising others not to stir up hatred for them among the Wraith, in asking a group of scientists to hold off on the vaccine until they know for sure what the repercussions might be. His 7 is interested in other cultures and in having fun. Carson has an avid sense of humor, and a desire to see more of the world… safely.