Jennifer is often the first one to form connections or theories which later prove accurate – she realizes since everyone’s nightmares involve John Sheppard, the source of infection must be Sheppard himself; she believes the crystals have a mesmerizing power, and shouldn’t remain at Atlantis; she urges Teyla to believe the villagers are alive, despite all evidence to the contrary. Jennifer ranges between realism and idealism, eager to embrace a new life on Atlantis but cautious when engaging in dangerous situations. She’s optimistic and finds it easy to switch gears, change theories, and focus on new medical approaches, without much warning or preparation. She’s a compassionate, good-natured woman, but not very forthcoming with her true feelings, reluctant to expound on them more than mention them in passing (yeah, he’s a weird guy… but I feel uncomfortable calling him weird). She chose a profession that enables her to help others, and is good at comforting people, but prefers to appeal to their better nature rather than make emotional arguments (“I know you can do this, Rodney!”). Her approach is to problem-solve, using the most obvious factual methods first… to innovate using oxygen tanks to break down the door, but when that doesn’t work, Jennifer becomes “stuck.” She trusts Rodney to get them out of trouble more than she relies on her own logic; and yet, she’s good at backing up her statements with facts, explaining medical data, and working within time constraints. She wants to get things done, and has no trouble running the medical bay, making tough calls (quarantining people, even if they don’t like it) or stepping down when she believes herself compromised. She’s frequently out of her depth in sensory situations – when she and Teyla are stranded on a planet overrun with criminals, Jennifer is terrified to cross a river on a thin rope ladder, utterly fails at defending herself physically, is intimidated to eat a dead, raw animal (even if Teyla says it’s fine), etc. She manages to do all those things, but her sensory-inhibitions make it scary and difficult for her (inferior Si).

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Jennifer is cautious, especially in situations where she has no experience. When Teyla and she must survive in the woods, she becomes anxious and fearful, not wanting to try new things or put herself at risk. She eats nasty food under duress, yet she came to Atlantis for an “adventure.” She has a kind and caring nature, prone to helping others. It draws her to Rodney since he needs such a lot of loving care, and is able to reciprocate in his own way (6 building connections and fulfilling others needs, through self-pres methods). She can be reactive and leap into action under stress, when necessary (moving to 3). But her 7 wing was also excited to leave earth and get involved in other galaxies. She had enough of a desire to roam that she left everything she knew behind to travel.