Ronon is all about physical engagement – he starts out the series as a runner, who manages to evade the Wrath on his own for years, picking them off one by one, stealing ships whenever he can, and engaging in hand to hand combat. Once he joins the Atlantis team, Ronon is the first into battle and finds it easy to improvise in the moment. He’s eager to engage, easily bored, and fascinated with new experiences – the idea of physically difficult or challenging situations excites him (as does hearing about physically aggressive games like football or hockey). He never expects his former gang to become “Wraith Worshippers,” and doesn’t suspect them until it’s too late. Ronon prefers to act in the moment, without much thought for the greater consequences; he lacks a vision for his life, until Dr. Weir introduces him to the concept of serving society in greater ways, and protecting future generations. He’s detached and an easy problem solver; he’ll offer comments here and there about the logic of situations, pointing out the best or most rational thing to do, but is more about acting on what he believes will resolve the situation quickly. Ronon isn’t afraid to do the hard thing, to pull the trigger if he needs to, but is also laid-back emotionally, good-natured, and ready to have fun. He becomes boisterous and enthusiastic around his friends, teasing and pushing them to do their best, caring about their welfare, occasionally opening up about his former experiences. Ronon feels a sense of duty to his friends; the need to protect them, and do what’s best for them. He sometimes becomes enraged or emotive, when people let him down or betray others.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Ronon initially comes across as violent and uncouth, but his friends soon find him willing to fight for them all, protect them through whatever means necessary or required, and unafraid of anyone, man or Wraith. Ronon is laid back in intense situations, aware of power dynamics, and has a good sense of humor. He tends to be ‘on edge’ a lot and react angrily at times, but is rarely out of control. He does harbor grudges and fiercely defies authority on several occasions, causing Stargate Command to cast a wary eye upon him. His aggression initially causes Jennifer Keller to prefer McKay, who is less combative. His 7 wing is funny and avoids too much responsibility, but is also open to new experiences, avoids commitment, and doesn’t like to reflect upon the miseries of his past.