Elizabeth was originally one of the top negotiators in government, able to formulate long-term plans to benefit both sides of the disagreement. Though initially shocked at the existence of the Stargate Program, she quickly wrapped her mind around it and became excited about exploring new galaxies and confident in her ability to lead the Atlantis expedition. She often has remarkable and accurate insights into situations and team members, including her guess that Rodney’s fears had a lot to do with his shield working constantly and that when he ceased needing to rely on it as an emotional crutch, it would fall off. She thinks about the long term consequences of their actions as well as the immediate needs of the community, which sometimes means she disagrees with John Sheppard on the best course of action. When infected with nanites, Elizabeth’s mind assigns powerful symbolism to John and her situation, which consistently point her toward the truth, that what she is seeing is an illusion and that she is trapped inside her own head. She is efficient, organized, comfortable in a position of leadership, and strong in all of her decisions. Elizabeth does not negotiate on matters of vital importance, and although she does everything she can to ensure the continued safety of her team, she also suggests and implements the most logical and effective methods of problem-solving… even if it means giving orders that risk or sacrifice her own life, for the greater good. On occasion, others chafe under her rule-driven leadership, but she tries to be fair even when she must enforce decisions. In her mental hallucination about recovering from a psychotic break, Elizabeth turns down the opportunity to discuss her feelings and former situation with others, choosing instead to work through it privately in her own head. She rarely opens up emotionally to others, which leads her boyfriend to resent her decisions, which in his mind further her own career and interests ahead of their relationship. Elizabeth is very kind and compassionate, but is not afraid to put aside her feelings when making decisions. She tends to reflect intensely whenever having inner turmoil, and chooses to do so alone, even when confronted with a dying, ancient version of herself from a different timeline. Much of her interest in gate travel is due to her fascination with new experiences, and even though she spends most of her time behind a desk, Elizabeth marvels at the city and environment on Atlantis. She prefers to know what she is getting into before making decisions, but also has no problem changing her mind or taking opportunities as they arise. She is not reckless or impulsive.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Elizabeth is much more distrusting and suspicious than Sheppard, and often irritated at him for acting prematurely or without thinking. She asks how they went from bartering for food (an actual physical need) to trading in weapons to an unidentified race of people with dubious origins. When she suspects one of Teyla’s people may be betraying their location, Elizabeth talks about how “we really don’t know them” and conducts interviews to get a sense of them. She is wary, cautious, and wants to think things through carefully before committing to them. She often talks about the dangers of something, such as when Rodney brings home a ZPM to test its capabilities – Elizabeth cautions him that every minute it’s in Atlantis leaves its home world unprotected. She will turn to others if necessary for advice and counsel, asking Sheppard’s opinion and trusting that he knows what he’s doing and can pull of dangerous missions. Her 5 wing also looks inward, to determine what is possible and what isn’t, and finds a sense of security within herself.