Rodney is often so eager to do something, he neglects to think about the practical details of it, such as when he “borrows” a ZPM off a planet to figure out if it would work to power their own systems, and doesn’t really think about the danger to the kids, no longer having their protective shield up. A few episodes later, when someone confronts him about one of his plans not working, he angrily informs them that he thinks ALL his ideas are brilliant. Though he complaints repeatedly about having to come up with ideas, he’s very good at thinking his way creatively around problems and coming up with solutions at the last minute. He can be nitpicky about details, ignoring some of them and cherry picking others. Under stress, Rodney becomes fanatically obsessed with his own health and well-being, constantly eating and imagining he’s about to die of deprivation or some exotic illness. (ENTPs are often hypochondriacs, owing to their lousy ability to sense their own inner equilibrium through inferior Si.) He loudly complains a lot, but can hack just about any program you put before him. Rodney manages to save the day often – rewiring machines, rerouting things, turning lightning rods into shield generators, and fixing whatever it is he broke through being careless. Rodney spends a great deal of time analyzing things and often learns as he goes along; figuring out systems once he is knee-deep into them. His Fe is typical for an ENTP – he can be arrogant, attention-seeking, and demanding of praise. He rarely feels guilt until someone else provokes it in him, in which case he becomes apologetic or (more often) defensive. Rodney whines almost incessantly whenever he’s upset, and expresses all his feelings as he is having them, much to the annoyance of the people around him. But he is loyal to his friends, has a sense of duty toward the people around him, and can even give compliments once in awhile.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

“In case you hadn’t noticed, I am a very arrogant man who thinks all his ideas are brilliant!” In his early seasons of SG-1, Rodney is almost unbearably arrogant, condescending, and full of himself, constantly criticizing Sam’s work and insinuating that his is far superior. On Atlantis, he is still full of confidence and arrogance, but gradually becomes more tolerant of other people and more likable. Rodney still actively seeks praise and admiration, often wanting approval for saving the day. In one episode, he is livid when another scientist receives praise for something he considers to be subpar (rather than Rodney). His 4 wing is melodramatic and moody, often self-absorbed and mostly concerned with how he’s feeling in the moment. And I say that in love, since he’s still my favorite character.