Sheppard is a rational problem solver, excellent at coming up with creative solutions to problem, at seeking true understanding of how things work, and seeing the world in terms of its greater intellectual potential. He makes an efficient leader, because he’s both detached enough to make hard decisions and cares about the safety and welfare of everyone involved (Fe). Sheppard has little respect for established systems, and has problems dealing with authority; he often does what he believes is rational rather than lives by the “rules” of Atlantis. He conflicts mightily with Te-using superiors, except for Elizabeth, who is willing enough to bend the rules to enable him to do his best at his job. He’s rarely emotional under pressure, but is charming, witty, and good-natured, able to calm Rodney down (though Rodney drives him insane) and encourage him enough to keep working on the solution. Sheppard cares about the welfare of his people; he serves for the greater good, and doesn’t see the point in rudeness that doesn’t accomplish anything. He’s opportunistic, in tune with his environment, and eager to visit new worlds, engage with new peoples, and find out more about new civilizations. Sheppard is quick to react in dangerous situations. He notices small details about people, and whether others are acting suspicious. Sheppard will be the first one to steal a ship, break a window, climb up six stories, or take on a Wraith if the situation calls for it. He’s good at finding ways to improvise, using the environment. His recklessness sometimes gets him into trouble – but he’s almost never wrong in using it, because its never out of his control or done without thought (Ti); his risks pay off in big ways. “I’ve got a funny feeling about this.” Sheppard often has qualms, which later prove correct; he doesn’t listen to these insights as much as he could, which means entering into bad situations at times, but he’s also not easily taken in by fake stories or false promises. Sheppard is good at guessing people’s true motives or intentions, and in thinking along futuristic terms for short amounts of time, using his rationality to reason out endings (if we fix this, they’ll kill you). He sees the greater potential in others, and recruits them to his team regardless of their background. He stands up for them, believing in them where others suspect them, and is often right about them (no, Teyla isn’t betraying them intentionally).

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Sheppard is mild-mannered and compliant to a degree, willing to obey the rules (unless he flat-out disagrees with them) and find pleasant ways to deal with problems. He is relatively not-phased by intense situations and easily diffuses tension by playing nice and getting others to like him, through his sense of humor and optimism. Sheppard often thinks things are just going to “work out” somehow. But he does assert himself with his 8 wing. When an enemy contingent takes over Atlantis, Sheppard risks his life to save Weir and McKay, including shooting the enemy and throwing up the shield, ending with a body count of over 60 men being vaporized. He becomes aggressive whenever anyone threatens himself or his friends. Sheppard is also protective of weaker individuals and quick to defend them. Weir accuses him of acting prematurely and impulsively, from his gut, without stopping to think about the consequences of his actions.