Cara is so analytical she finds it hard to comprehend emotions. She deals with facts. She isn’t so set in her duties and ways that she can’t think outside the box; when presented with the future under Darken Rhal, she sides with the Seeker. She’s always the voice of reason when confronted with a difficult situation, ready with the logical choice and an intense desire to fix the problem and move on. Because she avoids her own emotions and isn’t even sure she has any, Cara has a hard time dealing with them when they do surface. Her entire life, however, has been about pleasing her superiors, and it’s very important to her that she live up to Richard’s expectations of her. She’ll save people she doesn’t like, just to keep her friends happy. Cara can also be influenced by the emotions of others and occasionally, lets them in. Much like Richard, Cara rushes into action and uses the environment to her benefit. She is easily able to adapt to new situations and places and fearlessly use her fists and weapons to get the job done. She loves a good fight. Conflict excites her. Cara can do whatever is necessary to resolve a problem. She is easily bored and in need of physical stimulation. Her adventurous nature, combined with her tendency to live fully in the moment, gives her an advantage over others but also makes her spontaneous and unpredictable. Cara loves to have a good time – even if that includes torturing someone. Her vision for her life changes once she abandons her former master for a new one. Cara is intuitive enough to know a bad situation when she sees it. She has an instinct about other people, and the ability to visualize a different life not only for herself, but for her sisters.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

When another of her kind challenges her in the pool, Cara drowns her until she submits. She proceeds to beat up all others who want to do her harm until they admit that she is the “boss.” Her strong 8-ness comes from being beaten, tortured, and forced to kill her father as a child, as part of her training. Cara rejected any sense of vulnerability and instead turned to power, control, and domination. She obeys Darken Rahl up to a point, but also demands chances to prove herself. She is much stronger in her decisions than Richard, and has little empathy for “weak” people who cannot help themselves (yet, she winds up saving them). Her 7 wing is hedonistic and seeks out pleasure wherever she can find it; she does not want to think about, talk about, or revisit the painful things in her past.