Rahl craves power above all, and sets out from the first to get it. He marches his armies into new territories and claims them, establishing order where there was none before, and expecting others to obey his rule. He easily masters whatever new task he puts before himself, be that dabbling in wizardry or nearly succeeding in defeating the Seeker. He puts into place a chain of command and is ruthless in his training of the Mord Sith. Rahl is brutal and merciless in his dealings with his enemies and former friends alike. He is so effective that after his death, the Keeper invites him to be “in charge” of recruiting banelings in the Underworld. His ambition leaves little room for concern for others, yet Rahl shows an interesting emotionality in his connection to his son in the alternate timeline. His personal interests (magic and power) drive him to incredible lengths of self-fulfillment. His detachment from others manifests in his total scorn of their feelings for one another. His powerful insights into what is likely to happen help guide him in his decisions; Rahl uses this foreknowledge to aid him in his pursuit for power, manipulate the people around him, sense when others are being deceptive or trying to turn against him, and envision himself as a complete ruler. He sometimes has prophetic dreams and trusts in mystical insights, experiences, and ideas. He foresees the potential of a life with a Mother Confessor as his wife, but underestimates how ruthless their child will be. He places a great amount of trust in prophecies. He is interested in new experiences for their own sake, which lead to some rather hedonistic behavior (training, brutalizing, and bedding the Mord Sith) and finding any new physical sensation curious. He is aware of his environment and able to respond quickly in it, which enables him to escape harm or revise his plans on a whim. Rahl is excited by action, and quick to learn and master new skills.

Enneagram: 8w9 sx/sp

Rahl has a domineering nature to him, and wants to be the most powerful man in the room. He naturally assumes that position and others either defer to him, or die in a horrible, violent way. He has no compunctions about pushing other people to get what he wants, and the thought that he should not get everything he wants (from power to sex) never crosses his mind. He indulges his 8ish desire to live life to the fullest but also can be demanding and cruel. He takes pleasure in sadism, simply because it makes him feel alive. His 9 wing is calm and collected; he rarely loses his temper in any visible way, and maintains an eerie sense of quiet dominance that cause others to shudder.