Functional Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Kahlan’s strong emotions drive every decision she makes; she constantly puts aside her personal wishes, desires, and needs to fulfill both the greater vision (Ni) for the Seeker and to live up to the external moral standards and guidelines imposed by her Order. The requirements of being a Confessor are total impartiality in making objective judgments in judicial cases; Kahlan listens to the evidence, weighs both sides, passes judgment, and sometimes, lays out a sentence. She is quite free with her feelings and does not mind acting on or sharing them. She analyzes things a great deal, but not always her own motives, feelings, or intentions. Kahlan can become quite ruthless, unforgiving, and rational in times of intense stress – she can be downright harsh in her judgments on those she believes are out of line (inferior Ti). Her instincts are strong, and often correct; she immediately figures out that a map shows Richard’s position – and the greater implications of that; she often cautions Richard against trusting others and /or has a “bad feeling” about them – only to have them betray her and Richard later on. Kahlan is single-minded, always telling Richard to keep his mind on his ultimate goal as the Seeker (to destroy his enemies); she does not like it when he abandons his Quest to save people. Being a Confessor gives her an edge in fighting – and she often needs it; Kahlan is a courageous fighter, sometimes reckless (but more inclined to want to stay “safe”) and always able to hold her own, but she often resorts to her Confessor skills to turn others to her aid rather than relying on sheer physical combat. She can be quite inventive and make use of her environment when she needs to; Kahlan struggles with an almost-constant sexual desire for Richard which she refuses to fulfill, because it would violate his destiny (Ni).

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Kahlan finds pleasant ways to do everything – when Richard wants to throttle an ungrateful child, she takes him aside to explain that Richard was kind to fix him a good meal and he should be more grateful. She is rarely hot-tempered, preferring to maintain an inner sense of calm. Kahlan doesn’t like to talk about unpleasant things or to share her painful experiences. She also has a strong drive toward the “moral good.” She does not believe Confessors should use their powers for their own ends. She is a fair and moral judge of others’ sins. Kahlan is also paranoid, cautious, and fearful, suspecting the worst and anticipating traps (9 moving to 6 anxieties under stress).