Richard’s brother accuses him of “leaping in before he looks,” and it’s true: Richard is literally the first person to jump right into trouble, with total confidence he can handle whatever threat arises as a result. He does not hesitate to put himself in physical danger, either to protect or rescue others. He enjoys physical exertion and labor (for kicks, he built an entire bridge to replace an old one, before he realized his potential as the Seeker). His quick thinking, his adaptability, and his ability to use his environment in his fighting technique makes him darn near unbeatable most of the time, but his tendency to rush headlong into trouble means he’s often caught up in circumstances beyond his control. Richard has trouble reading between the lines; he scoffs at the idea of a Seeker until he embraces his destiny. He often embraces others at face value, assumes they have pure motives, or are telling the truth – and he’s frequently wrong. Richard believes everything will work out for the positive… somehow (inferior Ni). His intense beliefs drive him – he has a strict moral standard, such as: leave no one behind, do what good you can, etc. Richard often derails his own quest to save people, because it’s the right thing to do. He fosters intense, private feelings for Kahlan and does not hesitate to act on them. He genuinely believes people have good inside them and gives everyone countless chances to find their true (better) self. He wants a swift action that resolves an immediate problem; Richard cares less about why things happen than what he can do to stop them. He often heads straight for the most obvious solution – he burns the book of Counted Shadows to keep it out of enemy hands, he brokers deals to get his friends out of danger, and he explains the rationality behind his decisions in clear terms.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Richard acts to serve others and feels a sense of purpose in being the Seeker, often derailing his larger goals to ensure others are taken care of. His first gut instinct is to rush in and defend others (or himself); often he leaps into action sooner than others want him to, determined to use force to gain the upper hand (moving into 8, being straightforward and violent to save others). He holds himself to high ethical standards and does not back down from a task just because it’s hard or dangerous. Richard can be occasionally belligerent and aggressive whenever he moves into 8 behaviors, but also has a strong sense of right and wrong that stems from his Fi and his 1 wing. Unlike Kahlan, he is unwilling to turn his back on people who need help right now in pursuit of a loftier abstract goal. This can, at times, be his undoing whenever he falls into a trap set by his enemies.