The Ancient One sees reality through metaphorical and symbolic terms; she tells Strange that reality is defined by what we can imagine. She immediately senses his true potential, as well as his flaws (that his ego outshines his ability to learn), and discerns that she can guide him to a greater sense of self. Before her death, she admits that she continually looks to her future, playing out different scenarios, but senses this is the moment she dies, because she can never “see further.” She is a risk-taker, but only when it serves her vision; she leaves Strange on Mount Everest to die… or open a magical window back to their world; but when forced to do combat in the mirror dimension, she is physically out-maneuvered and killed (inferior Se). She is, essentially, recruiting and training followers for a greater purpose beyond themselves, and teaching them that to truly serve humanity, you must abandon all selfish and internal instincts, and sacrifice yourself to a higher power. She intends her followers to be both utterly themselves and imitations of her higher ideals. The Ancient One is a believer in problem-solving; she uses unique methods (drawing power from the dark realms) to extend her longevity. She tells Strange he must let go of all but his internal perceptions, and trust his inner basis of logic. Her teaching methods are often difficult for him to understand, because they are so detached from sensory or logical reality (she loops between abstract functions).

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sp

The Ancient One has firm convictions about how to improve society, and believes in training an ancient army of warlocks, she can impose her ideals upon society itself. She pushes Dr. Strange to find a cause and a purpose deeper than himself to focus on, seeing his motivations as purely selfish, but also seeing his greater potential. She embodies the beliefs of an idealist and looks with scorn upon selfish actions. Her 9 wing makes her calm and collected, withdraw from conflict (except in a fight) and contributes to her lack of engagement with social reality except in the mirror dimensions.