Thanos believes the universe’s massive population is going to inevitably use up the supply of resources, so his solution is highly practical and efficient but also immoral – to find a way to kill off half the universe’s population by simply causing them to cease existing, thereby stabilizing the universe and allowing its resources to continue on indefinitely. He figures out he can do this through using the Infinity Stones, and forges alliances with Loki and others to track them down. He makes highly rational, practical decisions every step of the way, while ignoring the humanity element of what he is doing. He is fixated on a single goal and unwilling to consider any possible alternatives or think that his solution might be implausible, impossible, or wrong. Thanos devotes all his resources and time toward finding and using the Infinity Stones. He succeeds in doing exactly what he had planned and then retires forever to a distant planet, having exhausted his one purpose in life. He also has a well-developed Se, in that he responds quickly to threats, he isn’t afraid to get physically involved in the heat of battle, and he quickly uses whatever resources are available to him to secure his position, such as using Nebula as an informant within the Avengers team in End Game. He allows his own beliefs and intense desire to save the universe from depletion to make him immune to the tremendous pain he will cause everyone when their family and friends simply disappear into thin air. He is so utterly devoted to this desire, he even sacrifices his daughter’s life to accomplish it. (Poorly developed Fi, in the service of an objective goal.)

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

As a deeply unhealthy 8, Thanos leaves no room in his decisions for personal sentiment or weakness and does not respect others who grovel or allow their emotions to sway their decisions. He knows who has the power and how to broker alliances that benefit his goals, but also when to change his mind and look out for himself. He raised his daughters to be submissive to him and put aside their feelings; he expects absolute loyalty from them and if they betray him, he callously cuts them out of his life. He calmly and competently battles the Avengers, showing no fear, pain, or submission, even when they have him on his knees. His 9 wing is detached, numb to his own feelings, and is content living an ordinary, rather dull life on a distant planet after accomplishing his ultimate objective.