George is a good-natured boy who finds humor in everything, who takes nothing that seriously, and who loves to spend hours shut up in the attic with his brother Fred, coming up with ideas for jokes and pranks to sell in their prankster emporium. He sees and leaps on chances to do things, such as placing bets to increase their capital. Like Fred, he is known for his outrageous comments and tricks. At Hogwarts, they are the rebellious teen goof-offs, always finding ways to make people laugh and breaking the rules, including giving Harry the Marauder’s Map so he can join them in the merriment at the village nearby. Though George doesn’t take school seriously, he still manages to achieve top marks through his Ne. He shows almost no interest in inferior Si, since he’s not sentimental, has no interest in academic success, looks for possibilities rather than tried and true methods, and is determined to be an entrepreneur, but he is willing to work at their Skivving Snackboxes’s contents through patient ‘testing’ and ‘reworking’ of the formulas. Though very much like his brother in some ways, George is also the quieter, more introverted, and ‘internal’ twin. He makes fun of himself as much as he makes fun of others, and has a softer sense of humor. George doesn’t want to blackmail Ludo Bagman with information obtained at the Quidditch World Cup. He sees this as something to exploit and profit from (Ti) whereas Fred takes it on a more personal moral level (Fi). Where his brother’s pranks toward Percy are mean-spirited, George’s are just to injure his pride. After losing his brother, George becomes quieter and withdrawn, mourning inside himself rather than needing to talk about it. Harry notices his ‘long silences.’ George has a knack for wanting to make money and earn a living. He continued to run the joke shop after losing his brother and achieved great success. He can also be vindictive on occasion, such as when he and Fred force someone into a Vanishing Cabinet. When Draco insults his parents and Harry’s mother after losing a Quiddich match, he and Harry give him a ‘severe beating’ and George isn’t sorry for it.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

George wants to avoid unhappiness as much as possible, and turns to humor, an outrageous sense of ‘being a prankster’ and rule-breaking to make sure there is never a dull moment in his education at Hogwarts. He has no problem passing on the tricks of his trade to Harry, and helping him break rules. He’s good-natured and finds ways to even make the loss of his ear hilarious. Whenever the others are down, George and Fred (both 7s) make the atmosphere happier, through their wicked jokes and witticisms. He often teases his mother, who finds him ‘immature.’ But George loses some of that happy spark after Fred’s death, and can no longer produce a Patronus, since all his happy memories were with Fred. His 6 wing is more cautious and not as eager to take risks as his brother’s 8 wing. He has a softer approach with people and cares to be liked.