Ginny is far more ‘earthy’ than the twins. While they are upstairs fiddling with extendable ears to spy on the adults down in the kitchen, she is throwing dung bombs at the door to see if it repels them. When it does, she concludes there’s a charm on the door to prevent them from eavesdropping. She is a good albeit aggressive Quiddich player and, to Harry’s amazement, seems to go through different boyfriends every few weeks – kissing them, having fun with them, and getting bored with them. But her ‘live in the moment’ tendency backfired in her first year at Hogwarts, when she invested all her thoughts in a diary in which Tom Riddle wrote back to her, bewitching her and eventually drawing her into a secret chamber beneath the school to kill her. She does not spend much time thinking about the unseen connections between things, and simply tried to get rid of the diary in whatever way she could—including throwing it down a toilet (to clog the pipes?). She is a smart student, who has a similar knack to her brothers in how to get things done, get around things, break the rules and go unpunished, and tackle problems easily. A popular and well-liked student, Ginny is not above lying when it suits her, seems to be more detached than other girls (a trait Harry finds attractive, compared to Cho’s ‘constant weeping’), and can be funny, witty, and outrageous. She asserts her fierce opinions easily and, in Ron’s words, “never shuts up.” In her first year, Ginny ‘pours out her heart’ and feelings for Harry into a diary and takes comfort in Tom responding to her. She calls Fleur ‘a cow’ when she does not like her or her superior attitude.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Ginny is fierce and unforgiving against those she does not like; she hexes people who cross or insult her, she makes fun of Fleur behind her back and calls her names, she screams at her mother in protest when Molly orders her to leave the kitchen (Ginny wants to stay and hear all the news of what the Order is doing to fight Voldemort). She stands up to her brothers, and has a fiery temper. She is forceful and independent, not often afraid (except when she can’t remember where she has been or what she has done) and frankly tells their brothers it is none of their business who she dates or doesn’t. The first time she meets Malfoy, she sasses him. She also defends Harry using a terrible curse against Draco, when Hermione tells him off for it. Harry’s ‘towering rages’ intimidate all his friends—but not Ginny. She stands up to him. Her 7 wing is fun-loving, witty, and avoids unpleasant reflection on her mistakes, instead choosing to learn from it going forward.