Fred is a lively, fun-loving, and energetic prankster who along with his brother designs and manufactures (and tests on first year volunteers, much to Hermione’s annoyance) various pranks in the building of their ‘joke shop emporium.’ They fill it with thousands of products all borne of their imaginative use of magic. At Hogwarts, they are the rebellious teen goof-offs, always finding ways to make people laugh and breaking the rules, including giving Harry the Marauder’s Map so he can join them in the merriment at the village nearby. Though Fred doesn’t take school seriously, he still manages to achieve top marks through his Ne. He shows almost no interest in inferior Si, since he’s not sentimental, has no interest in academic success, looks for possibilities rather than tried and true methods, and is determined to be an entrepreneur, but he is willing to work at their Skivving Snackboxes’s contents through patient ‘testing’ and ‘reworking’ of the formulas. Money-motivated and ambitious, Fred is also the more ‘callous’ twin – he gave his brother a horrific fear of spiders as a child as punishment for Ron breaking his toy broomstick, he dropped a tongue ton toffee for Dudley to find and eat, he gave Ron as a child a candy that burned a hole through his tongue, and was in favor of blackmailing Ludo Bagman to increase their monetary intake. It was a logical way to solve their cash flow problem! His Fe is earthy, friendly, and funny, and does have sympathy for people he feels deserve it (like Hermione, after she has her eye blackened by their boxing telescope). He is fiercely protective of his family, and furious with Percy when he betrays them, but also the first person willing to forgive him.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so [739]

Fred manages to stay funny and optimistic even when things are dire; he makes jokes about blown off ears and comes up with endless ways to torment Professor Umbridge when she takes over the school. Good-natured and creative, he invents a business that allows him to stay within his 7-ness – because it will never stay the same, it calls upon him to have short bursts of creativity, and it will show an instant profit. They keep it going and have a raging good business even when the rest of the street has gone dark, because the twins’ humor and optimism lifts people’s spirits. But as detailed above, Fred is bolder than George and more of a risk-taker, as evidenced in his 8 wing. His pranks can, at times, be cruel. He wants violent revenge upon his brother. He does not apologize for any of his meaner pranks, nor see the problem in testing out his sweets on kids or selling them as ways to ‘cut class.’ Fred’s 8 wing also rushes in to save / defend people when he sees an injustice, and is partly what makes him so determined to blow off school and/or take down Umbridge.