Percy is ambitious and well-aware of his ability to organize the external world. He doesn’t allow being called the wrong name at the Ministry to stop him from working ‘up through the ranks’ into an important position with Cornelius Fudge. The other students, when he is still at Hogwarts, finds him overbearing in his determination to make them abide by the school rules. He spends all of their vacation time and time at home ‘squirreled away in his room, working’ and sending owls to the Ministry of Magic. When he breaks from his father over his support of Dumbledore, Percy does not mince words, telling his father how much shame he feels to be related to them, belittling their poverty, and firmly showing a preference for his boss over his family. It takes Percy a long time to find his ‘heart’ for his family, showing his inferior Fi’s inability to admit when he is wrong, admit how much he actually cares, or in any way compromise when he feels his principles have been violated. He is detail-driven and aware of all the rules, and wants to keep them. Percy’s work is meticulous enough that he gets high marks in school, and has similar success within the Ministry. He is forever taking detailed notes and feels a great deal of scorn for his Ne-dom brothers’ behaviors, quirks, and slacking off when it comes to schoolwork. He is rather rigidly set in his own experiences, which make him refuse to consider any alternative perspective. (He ‘knows’ Fudge, trusts Fudge, and has experience with Fudge, so his father is obviously wrong, and Dumbledore is a dangerous threat to the ‘status quo’ within the Ministry.) Percy only puts his Ne creative thinking toward figuring out ways to show his ambition and achieve greatness within the existing system of the Ministry.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp [316]

Often, the author uses words such as ‘pompous’ to describe Percy, who has the ambition the rest of his family lacks, when it comes to social-climbing. He is rather ashamed of his pureblood but impoverished roots and quick to cling to other, more important people. He tries everything he can think of to please them and to seem important. The twins accuse him of wearing his Prefect badge even on holiday, and being a git. Percy is all about appearances, and whether things make him look good. He ‘turns red’ whenever his boss calls him by the wrong name, thus breaking the illusion of his self-importance. His 2 wing is eager to please those who earn his approval and are of a higher, more desirable status.