Blunt but good-natured, Arthur wants to know how everything works, from toasters to rubber ducks. He keeps things around just to pull them apart and figure them out from the inside. He is a skilled and adept problem-solver when it comes to thinking creatively, but more often shows aptitude with tert-Fe. He’s more able to reach Harry on an emotional, compassionate level than his higher Fe using wife, who can come across to Harry as domineering or judgmental. Arthur does not like to cause trouble, but can also be easily emotionally aggravated. He cares a bit too much what others think of him, when their last name is Malfoy, and actually comes to blows with Lucius in Flourish & Blotts when Malfoy insults him and his kids. When he sees Harry fretting over Dumbledore ignoring him all summer, Arthur tries to reassure him that he is sure the wizard has just been ‘busy.’ But rather than argue with his wife, he often capitulates and pretends to agree with her. Arthur has a gleeful and optimistic approach toward life and the outside world, and an adventurous spirit just like the twins. Anything new or unfamiliar to him sparks his great fascination and enjoyment. Though stuck in a boring job at the Ministry, he keeps a cluttered office full of fascinating trinkets that have ‘caught his imagination’ … and then there’s the illegal magical car he brought home. For um, study. Stuff. You know. Good times. He bombards Harry with questions about the Muggle world, and feels surprised to encounter anything different from his own experiences (who the hell bricks over their fireplace?!). He relies on his intuition a good deal, also, in suspecting Lucius Malfoy is far more ‘dark wizard’ than he pretends to be, and anticipating the joy of catching him at it. Arthur’s Si shows in his collection of oddities (in case they are ever useful) and his lack of a stable career that has built into anything more substantial. Decades later, he is still crammed into a tiny office in an unimportant corner of the Ministry, because he wanted something ‘interesting’ to do rather than ambitious or with a decided career-building track.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Good-natured and un-ambitious, Arthur has contented himself in a low-level job for many years rather than fight and claw his way up to a more important one, despite it being financially beneficial to do so. He is content with a simple life full of his family and pure pleasures. He finds the garden gnomes that invade their lawn “funny” and as such, never takes severe enough methods to keep them away permanently, which frustrates his wife and amuses his kids. He doesn’t like it when Molly is angry at him, and often backs down (agreeing the twins were quite wrong to steal his magical car and fly it without his permission). Though some would rather Harry not know certain things, Arthur quietly pulls him aside to warn him on several occasions. Under stress, he becomes more 6ish in needing to protect his family and worrying about their safety. More often, he shifts into 8 wing aggression and stubbornness. He and Malfoy come to physical blows. When Percy betrays the family, unlike his usual forgiving nature, Arthur refuses to forgive him or even hear his name spoken in the house.