Molly is ‘everybody’s mother as soon as she gets to know them. She warmly tells Harry how to reach the train, since he has never done it before, then after her son befriends him, takes him under her wing and protects him. She becomes so emotionally attached to him, she is even cold to Hermione when she believes the lies in the press about how Hermione has ‘broken his heart.’ (When Harry corrects her, she warms up to Hermione again at once.) Molly has strong views on how her children ‘ought’ to act, and a Fe-dom desire to see them ‘act like each other,’ especially the good ones. She is always after the twins to act more like their more responsible older brothers, to get Charlie to let her cut his hair so it doesn’t look quite so rebellious, and to get Ron to think about his actions within the context of how it looks for the family (she’s angry when his stealing of their car and flying it causes Arthur to ‘face and inquiry at work’). She is emotional often but also easily consoled by other Fe users (like Lupin, when he reassures her that he would not let anything bad happen to her children if anything happened to her and Arthur). Her inferior Ti shows in her tendency to judge, and hold firm to her opinions, ahead of questioning whether or not she is wrong. Molly finds it hard to admit to her mistakes. Being a mother suits her, and is all she wants – she loves to stay at home and look after her kids, she uses all kinds of magical things to track their whereabouts, and she wants them to all be sensible and grow up to have good jobs, fine marriages, and succeed. Any disruption to how things have always been sends her into a tailspin. Percy betraying the family and ignoring them wreaks havoc on her, emotionally. Her own subjective perceptions about people rule how she judges them. She follows instructions in books word for word, convinced if Lockhart got it to work, she can too. Molly can be poor at reading between the lines, though. She misjudges Hermione, Percy, Fudge, and Lockhart. She needs Harry to shed insight into the truth between the lines of the Daily Prophet’s lies. Under stress, she becomes more anxious and reactive.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Molly is the ultimate giver, always busying herself with doing things for her family and expecting respect at the bare minimum in return. She likes to be in charge and feel that others need her, and takes rejection very seriously. She shows her enormous generosity to Harry by giving him Christmas presents (even if it is ‘just a knit sweater’) since she knows he has no one to do that for him. She sends him other parcels throughout the year and to mark major holidays. But when under threat, Molly falls into 8 disintegration – she unleashes ‘rage’ and ‘punishment.’ She humiliates Ron in front of the entire school by sending him a Howler. She sends Hermione a tiny Easter egg, when convinced Hermione is misbehaving, in comparison to Ron and Harry’s enormous chocolates. And in her crowing moment of achievement, she screams “Not my daughter, you bitch!” before she kills Bellatrix, who has attacked Ginny. Her 1 wing is moralistic and rigid, judging Hermione when she thinks she is mistreating and cheating on Harry Potter, and lecturing her children on appropriate behavior in public. She does not like to break the rules or for her children to endanger them by breaking the rules.