Ruby is a sensitive and compassionate soul, often more desirous of spending time talking to her customers than getting directly down to business. She opens up easily to others and confides in them her feelings, fears, desires for the future, and hopes of a better life. Their encouragement means the world to her. Ruby is often shocked and appalled at her sister’s bluntness, which causes some conflict between them, as she frequently gets her feelings hurt. Whenever she is truly upset, or under great stress, Ruby becomes rude, vindictive, and critical. She tends to blame others for her problems and has trouble opening up and exploring her own motivations without others’ input (Queenie and Dorcas are quite good at helping her figure out what is really going on in her head). She sometimes believes in things without external proof (ghosts, magic, family curses, etc). She has an interest in the details of others’ lives and enjoys sharing her own stories, too. Ruby has a strong connection to the past and when the opportunity to marry arises, she is suddenly fearful of abandoning her former life for a new one. Her strong sense of how things should be guides her in life, and pushes her toward pursuing traditional beliefs and desires (her aching want of a family and a husband). Her imagination is highly active and often captivated by unusual things, by stories of ghosts, by penny dreadfuls, by romance novels, and suchlike. She indulges these fantasies to the point where she can often leap to the wrong conclusions about others, but she also hits upon the truth at times behind others’ motivations. Ruby is quite excited about new ideas, and changes in fashion.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

I initially thought Ruby might be a 4, since she’s so romantic and full of longing, but she judges herself harshly for being “hateful and full of spite,” showing a super-ego tendency toward believing it’s better to be “good” through being kind to others. She also wears identical costumes to her sister, which a 4 would never do (seeing their fashion as their art and a way to make them noticed and stand out). She is far more emotional, romantic-minded, and full of longing than her 1 core sister, but also judges her for certain of her behaviors, including wanting to profit off other people’s downfall (when in need of money, her sister sends a condolence card to a grieving rich family, in order to provide them with five new gowns for the funeral—Ruby looks down on this, and says it’s bad for them to take advantage of people who are hurting). She longs for romance, and eagerly moves toward those who offer it to her, but also feels like she is needed by her sister and ought to be at home. Ruby feels more inclined to help their father than her sister, and they get into an argument about whether to assist him in his time of need; being naïve, Ruby trusts him—and he robs them blind, for which she is then upset that he would repay her kindness with meanness. She can be critical and judgmental of others, including being reproachful of those who father children out of wedlock.