Ruby is a sensitive and compassionate soul, often more desirous of spending time talking to her customers than getting directly down to business. She opens up easily to others and confides in them her feelings, fears, desires for the future, and hopes of a better life. Their encouragement means the world to her. Ruby is often shocked and appalled at her sister’s bluntness, which causes some conflict between them, as she frequently gets her feelings hurt. Whenever she is truly upset, or under great stress, Ruby becomes rude, vindictive, and critical. She tends to blame others for her problems and has trouble opening up and exploring her own motivations without others’ input (Queenie and Dorcas are quite good at helping her figure out what is really going on in her head). She sometimes believes in things without external proof (ghosts, magic, family curses, etc). She has an interest in the details of others’ lives and enjoys sharing her own stories, too. Ruby has a strong connection to the past and when the opportunity to marry arises, she is suddenly fearful of abandoning her former life for a new one. Her strong sense of how things should be guides her in life, and pushes her toward pursuing traditional beliefs and desires (her aching want of a family and a husband). Her imagination is highly active and often captivated by unusual things, by stories of ghosts, by penny dreadfuls, by romance novels, and suchlike. She indulges these fantasies to the point where she can often leap to the wrong conclusions about others, but she also hits upon the truth at times behind others’ motivations. Ruby is quite excited about new ideas, and changes in fashion.

Enneagram: 4w3 so/sp

Ruby, at one point, admits that she is “hateful and full of spite,” showing an inner loathing for who she is, in comparison to others. She frequently shows envy toward others who are more beautiful or more talented than she is, and anger toward her sister for ‘trapping’ her into a life of spinsterhood she did not want (out of a need to be with Pearl). Ruby can be highly emotional, even melodramatic. She can look for reasons to feel miserable; when she moves away to find a husband, she admits to sabotaging that relationship. She is full of a longing for things she does not have, such as a relationship with her father, and a lover, and buries herself in elitism, a love of high romance in stories, and being the best-dressed woman in town to compensate for it (her 3 wing loves to be beautiful, well dressed, and praised for her work as a seamstress). Like her sister, she has a taste for extravagance and beautiful things, and is of a snob at times.