Claire has an offbeat but deep sense of humor. She has remarkable insights into other people, and discerns things through visible external clues (she pieces together Drew’s comment about “Mitch” with his black suit, and knows his father is dead). She enjoys long conversations that cover an enormous variety of topics. Claire likes to talk in metaphors, but also can be specific in her terrific insights into human behavior (“we’re substitute people”). Though she tends to be impulsive (she spontaneously suggests meeting partway just to see the sunrise, after talking all night, and cancels her trip to Hawaii to hang out with Drew), she also has a way of helping Drew open up to the possibilities of life. That’s what Claire is all about: possibilities. This moment, this sadness, will pass, and the rest of life awaits. Her map isn’t spontaneous, but detailed… and full of references to her own travels and experiences. She includes brochures that she picked up on her travels, encourages Drew to stop and talk to people she met, and above all, subtly hints that now is the time to reflect on his relationship with his dad. Some things are too important to be forgotten. She admires most people who are true to themselves, who don’t care about other people’s opinions and can pull themselves up after a disaster and “keep on smiling.” Claire has unusual insights into Drew, and doesn’t push him to talk about his feelings – instead, she encourages him to act on them. She also acts on hers… by leaving him her number, helping him out, shyly confessing that she “likes” him, and implying through her conversation that she regrets always being the “substitute person.” Claire is happy to talk about others in abstract ways (the Mitch’s she has known), but doesn’t always open up about her own life and experiences. Once she decides to do something, Claire goes all out. She draws him a detailed map full of instructions so he won’t miss 60B. She spends a couple of days organizing songs into a playlist, and packing a travel care kit full of photos, CDs, her internal thoughts, and brochures from her own travels. This requires learning and accounting for the mileage of all the highways in all the various states, so that her playlist is never off. She gives him time limits in which to wallow, and comes up with an “alternate plan” for him.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Claire is a warm, outgoing woman who sees her only passenger looks down in the dumps, and takes it upon herself to look after him, to cheer him up, and to tell him how to get to where he’s going in life. She eagerly responds to him when he calls her, and stays up half the night talking to him. She’s eager for love, but not able to accept just how much she deserves it in return—she keeps loving people who are unworthy of her, giving them her all, and expecting something, anything, in return. As Drew tells her, she ought to be with someone who doesn’t leave her hanging all the time and treats her as a first option, not the person he calls because no one else picked up the phone. She even leaves Drew’s choice of whether or not to be in a relationship with her (which she wants) entirely to him — giving him a map, agreeing to meet him at the market, and then waiting around for him to show up. She is agreeable, good-natured, and tells him she is okay with whatever he wants to tell her — or not tell her. Though she tries to create a positive spin on being a “substitute person,” it’s not okay and she deserves more, and she knows it, but she’s afraid to assert her needs and ask for anything in return, out of fear of rejection. Her 1 wing makes her dutiful and driven to help Drew, since she knows it’s the “right” thing to do. She also can be rather frank at times, telling him he has a few minutes more to whine about it, and then he needs to get over himself.