Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Cornelius has a factual approach to the outer world that is based on the rules and procedures of Rome, as well as in keeping Pilate safe. He wants to have 200 men guarding the governor when he visits the temple, to protect him, since he is aware of how the populace hate the Roman occupation. He can be blunt and detached; when Claudia asks him why he is awake, trying to flirt with him, he says, “The same reason as you, concern about keeping your husband alive tomorrow.” He also chastises her, later, for warning some Jews about their impending arrest, enabling them to escape, and points out that it could have terrible consequences for her, if her husband learns she undermined his authority. Cornelius then tells her he had to take prisoners from the marketplace instead, to fulfill his orders. Though at times cruel and seemingly detached, he also has a strong moral center which Pilate lacks — he does not want to kill Stephen in the street, and urges him to move aside, then punches him in the chest to save his life. He is so concerned with his own feelings, he misreads Claudia’s interest in him (it is romantic on her part, but not on his) and assumes she is interested in becoming a Christian like he did. He remains stoic and untouched by others suffering except when he reflects on it. Tabitha forgiving him changes his life completely. He is a fine soldier, aware of all the procedures and ways of Rome, and a man who has made a career out of it, climbing the ranks to become Pilate’s most trusted military man. He plans out in immaculate detail how he intends to keep Pilate safe, but is not above shifting viewpoints. He becomes increasingly unsettled by Pilate’s erratic, violent behavior and starts to turn against him in subtle ways, sensing the governor is on the verge of a mental breakdown brought on by condemning Jesus. Cornelius reads between the lines well in some matters (he instantly realizes Claudia warned some people to escape from his arrest, but he had assistance, because only she could have known about it) but not in others (he fails to read her romantic overtures for what they are, and instead it never crosses his mind). He is duty-driven and principled but after an encounter with Peter, eager to see things in a new light… and then he is somewhat incautious about recruiting others, since he’s so excited about this new “idea” of salvation.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Cornelius is obedient to the authorities and to Pontius Pilate, but also balks at injustices and does what he can to prevent Pilate from causing too much damage—he wants to find solutions everyone can live with, that don’t hurt people unnecessarily. He works from inside Pilate’s ranks against him in whatever ways he can, flat out lying and saying he found no women to arrest or crucify. Cornelius is somewhat detached from his own emotions and refuses to feel soft or to hold back his chastisements of Claudia’s recklessness… but Tabitha forgiving him as he is killing her breaks him and transforms him into a new man.