Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Caiaphas says of his wife that she sometimes forgets he is the high priest. Leah is outspoken and very interested in power dynamics. She has no problem taking control of a situation and ordering others to comply with her husband’s wishes. Rather than compromise on situations, she faces them head on in an attempt to turn them toward a greater cause. Leah pushes her husband to use the authority vested in him by the temple and has a tactically-oriented method of dealing with conflict and troublemakers (she believes a ruthless distraction, in serving Paul up for punishment, will distract Caligula). She is often dismissive of cultural roles (speaking out of turn, challenging others in front of bystanders, calling Claudia an oppressor to her face, etc). Her main priority is protecting her husband and keeping him in power; she is so adverse to others challenging Caiaphas that she is outspoken in confronting them and reminding them of her husband’s role in the Temple, and as such, also her own as the High Priest’s wife. She is free with her opinions regardless of how others will feel about her remarks; she insults Claudia to her face to make a point (inferior Fi). Her main goal is to ensure her people “outlast the Roman occupation.” Leah often sees clear ways to deal with situations and through other people’s political maneuvers to their deeper potential, and acts quickly to resolve situations – she forces Claudia to confront her own attitude about “occupation” and see the lack of truth in how she prefers to view the Roman presence in Judea; she sees how Boaz can cease the crucifixions and turns him in; she figures out ways to try and manipulate Pilate, and has little regard for the social customs of her time (Leah frequently speaks out with strong opinions, where her traditionalist upbringing would urge her to greater discretion – she’s using Se to exert her Te-dom will).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Leah is primarily concerned with how things make her husband look; she regards status as valuable, seeks allies, and has an arrogance built of her high social position (married to the high priest and daughter of the previous high priest). Whenever Caiaphas and she quarrel, she is the first person to bring up how certain outside actions might reflect on him (the Christ-followers make him look bad, Saul becoming a believer makes them look bad, etc). She is ambitious and cunning; her husband remarks that sometimes he feels like SHE thinks she is the high priest, since she takes matters into her own hands on his behalf. She generates a sense of ‘we’ association with her husband, and isn’t above undercutting his enemies, dealing behind his back, or telling off Claudia. Her 2 wing serves him out of a desire to earn his approval and love, and sees herself as a protector of what is good for her people.