Functional Order: Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

Claudia takes an avid interest in Pilate’s affairs and often injects her opinions freely into his dealings, despite knowing his distaste for her disagreeing with him or refusing to bend the knee to him. She rebuffs his romantic advances whenever she is displeased with him, but is also capable of charming the emperor on his behalf to ensure he keeps his job. Though she does not support all his decisions, she’s careful to maintain a united front before guests and visiting dignitaries. Even though she has no reason to empathize with the Jews or the Christians, Claudia goes out of her way to help them. She draws a council meeting of wives, to get a group consensus on how best to keep peace in Jerusalem and avoid violence, which includes Herodias and Leah, wife of the High Priest. She is warm and extroverted, showing her feelings easily to Cornelius, but also berating, arguing with, and at times, defying her husband. Her inferior Ti shows in her stubbornness to reject her own conclusions about Jesus, even when Pilate shames her with ‘evidence’ of his death. She wants to believe in the resurrection and does so, even when her husband proves it impossible. It makes sense to her, so she accepts it. But she also never analyzes her own position or biases, leading her to make a foolish statement in front of Leah that earns the woman’s contempt (“You want things to go back to the way they were” implies Claudia has not thought through the implications of the Roman occupation of Judea). She has a wholehearted belief in her own interpretations of her prophetic dreams and prophecies, warning Pilate against crucifying him, warning him that they will suffer because of it, and that his belief that this will ‘put an end’ to his following is foolish and naive. She knows that Jesus’ legacy will only spread. Claudia has probing insights into her husband’s mental state and looks for ways to get around him, but can be naive about how the world works (when she warns a wedding party that her husband intends to arrest the guests at random, the soldiers arrest innocents out of the market place instead). Though in that sense reckless (the soldier points out to her “what would have happened if Pilate had heard about this? Only you and I heard his command!”), she hesitates to put her own body at risk by running away to join the followers of Jesus. She would do it for a lover, not herself.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Claudia attempts to network to the other wives in the name of “helping,” but what she’s actually doing is trying to control her husband’s cruel behavior by finding a way around it. She argues and moralizes at him, urging him to become a better person, but also adopts a sweet, affecting persona when it’s needed to win support to his side. She can be seductive and earnest, but also lashes out at Leah with a streak of 8ish anger and domination when she feels insulted. Her 3 wing is adept at playing whatever role Pilate needs her to perform.