Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Rose is just as excited as her Doctor to travel the universe, experience new places, and throw herself headlong into dangerous situations. She thinks fast on her feet and looks for solutions in the immediate environment—she quickly catches onto things and leaps to conclusions that spur actions (even if it’s just that they all need to run away). She leaves most of the hypothetical theories to the Doctor, and tends to live fully in the moment, not paying attention to the implications of whatever is missing or strange in the environment. The extent of her futuristic planning is that she sees herself as traveling with him, forever. Meeting Sarah Jane Smith breaks this illusion, and causes her to experience doubt; she doesn’t like the idea of one day being abandoned, and the Doctor has to remind her that humans fade away, but he “lives on” … alone, and forced to watch them grow old. She is empathetic and sensitive, but unable to hide her true feelings; she does not want to share the Doctor in any way, and makes that plain in cutting remarks, a lack of enthusiasm for having Mickey travel with them, and side-eying Sarah Jane. It’s not until she finds something in common with Sarah Jane that she opens up to her and shows her warmer, more understanding side. Rose does care deeply about others (the Doctor knows she’s been possessed when the fake Rose doesn’t show enough concern for others), but isn’t afraid to pull out her tert-Te and order people around. She takes charge in the Satan Pit, organizing others for efficiency, coming up with game plans, and pushing others to work toward a solution. Under stress, much like the Doctor in his shared tert-Te, she develops a fatalistic attitude of “there’s nothing we can do, we just need to accept our fate.”

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/so

Rose wants to travel forever with the Doctor, to have no end to her adventures. To see everything, experience everything, and never, ever stop. He is her source of excitement, novelty, and pleasure. She throws herself headfirst into new places without any hesitation, is excited by everything she encounters, even if it’s dangerous (shame, we are being chased by a werewolf, but it’s a WEREWOLF!! How cool is that?!). Her 8 wing turns up frequently. She seizes control, easily asserts herself, and is not afraid to challenge people or make demands. She will sometimes use aggression (pulling weapons on people or telling them off) to get what she wants – including taking pleasure in bossing around a sexist man in front of his long-suffering family.