Rufus approaches life through his own personal, subjective view of right and wrong. He has strong moral opinions and attitudes and will not support his children if he believes them in the wrong. He clashes with Lily because he has a ‘why should you care what anyone else thinks?’ attitude that conflicts with her Fe-dom need to adhere to social norms. He will often walk out on an argument or a relationship if he finds it unbearable. He constantly tries to encourage her, and his children, to stand on their own two feet and be independent, yet will not give an inch if he feels they are being ‘reckless’ – such as when he refuses to allow Jenny to start her own business by signing the papers she needs him to sign. Rufus refuses to compromise, leading to an estrangement. He can be blunt under pressure, concerned with the potential fall-out of his daughter refusing to finish her schooling to start a business, and uncompromising (inferior Te tendencies). As a musician, Rufus loses himself in his music, and used to live a careless, carefree lifestyle of hedonism; he still falls in and out of love and in and out of characters’ beds freely, he acts quickly in an attempt to get Lily to marry him instead of Rufus (and doesn’t understand why she doesn’t; she puts aside her own happiness to please her daughter). As he has gotten older, Rufus no longer wants to travel as much or be away from his kids, and prefers to stay at home in the loft and take a hands-on role in parenting. He loves to provide for them, cook for them, and give them practical advice. His Ni can be rigid when he makes up his mind and refuses to budge from it; he doesn’t want to see any alternative for his daughter or have faith in her potential fashion career and insists she attend college instead.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Rufus has the sp9’s desire to enjoy live, but not do so recklessly – he is surprisingly careful and doesn’t like his children to take risks. He has grown so much into his comfortable lifestyle at home, he doesn’t really want to leave his comfort zone and tour again—he likes things as they are and isn’t eager to change them up. Overall, he has a good nature, a sense of parenting that ranges from more controlling (his 1 wing, if he feels his kids are doing the wrong thing) to more lackadaisical. Rufus has a good ability to forgive people, within reason; he is laid back and doesn’t let much get to him, but can be stubborn and resistant to outside influences. Like all 9s, the more others push or try to bully him, the more he resists and ignores them.