Nate is warm, trusting, and compassionate. He is tuned in to others much of the time and attentive to their changes in mind; this can make him good at consoling anyone who needs a pick-me-up or moral advice, but he’s also prone to falling easily in and out of love and winding up in foolish, ill-thought love affairs with much older women (which could ruin all his political aspirations, if it becomes public). Nate makes emotional decisions and stands behind them, but is also very forthcoming in asserting his own opinions. He tends to want to make everyone around him happy and for a time, is content to live the kind of life his parents ‘expect’ from him, but eventually he finds this tiresome and breaks up with Blair, whom he doesn’t love. He rarely analyzes his own motives, those of those close to him, or pauses to consider before leaping into a love affair, showing his weak inferior Ti. He is traditionalist and stuck in a rut when the show opens; dating Blair because they have ‘always been a couple,’ then bored with her and wanting to move on, then returning to her for a time… he seems pulled toward new experiences, ideas, and possibilities (tert Ne) only to fall back on ‘old staples’ that feel familiar to and comfort him (Si). Nate judges things mostly on his experiences with them and the surface level; he is shocked to find out about his father’s immoral business practices, because he never expected it of him. Nate finds it hard to go against what his family wants of him, what society expects, and what society has established as successful; he actually hates his privilege and wealth and would rather do things himself, and earn his own money. He tends to be too trusting of certain people, and suspicious of others.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Nate is asleep to himself; it takes him a long time to realize he isn’t in love with Blair and no longer wants to date her, just because he was doing what his parents expected of him. It’s hard for him to wrestle control of his own life or pursue anything outside sexual relationships with much vigor; he tends to merge into whomever he is with and take it upon himself to fulfill their desires, but in this way, he is also co-dependent. He is arguably the kindest and most ‘moral’ of all the characters, because he never stabs anyone in the back by sending a nasty tip about them to Gossip Girl, but he is also moralizing toward anyone who does wrong, unwilling to forgive his father, disinterested at times in being reasonable when he disagrees with someone’s actions, and judgmental (his 1 wing). He wants to do what is right and feels guilt when he does not, but falls into compulsive behaviors.