Norman has a laid-back, but logical, approach to life. He’s the tech guy in the office, able to fix anything (or cobble it together). He is interested in who wrote the letters and why, but also in building an internal framework of information, beliefs and categories that help him navigate external reality – when something unusual happens, which doesn’t coincide with his usual framework, such as Rita undergoing a complete transformation, Norman falters to understand it (and is happy when she goes back to her old self). Amiable, good-natured, even inclined to give compliments from time to time, Norman doesn’t much talk about his own feelings, but doesn’t bottle them up, either. He easily makes friends by being approachable, likable and taking an interest in other people and their hobbies (such as the stamp collector in the old folk’s home – “Oh, I collect them too! Show me!”). He’s open, pliable and not really settled upon a single idea. Norman goes with the flow, offering theories on why things happen, on the motives behind people’s actions, and on what they can do as a team (or as individuals) to interact with it. He doesn’t hold onto his ideas too tightly, and isn’t afraid to change his mind. Norman tends to keep the big picture in focus – what they are here to accomplish, and for what reasons. He’s open to change, but also likes the predictability of sameness; Norman doesn’t like it when things change too much at the office. He chafes under new supervisors. He is content to turn up to work every day, and detail-oriented enough to do a good job, but often tinkering with some gadget or another.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Despite being logical and unsure of other people and how to respond to them on an emotional level, Norman is a sweetheart. He likes to keep things positive in his work environment, even though he isn’t quite, eh, smooth with giving compliments. He’s always quick to reassure others when things go wrong, even when his bride-to-be admits she can’t find his grandmother anywhere, so the woman might not make the wedding. He tends to smooth things over, and not admit when things go wrong, but is also shyly asking of Oliver, when he’s unsure about what to do in a social situation. His 1 wing makes him a hard worker, devoted to doing what is right and honest.