Rita is very sweet and sensitive, but not forthcoming with her opinions; rather than confess how she feels about Norman, she writes an enormous mammoth of a novel in which they feature as disguised characters (he is the hero, of course!). She chafes when Shane tries to “change” her into someone she is not; when competing in a beauty post office competition, Rita goes with her heart – she decides to be who she is, whether she wins or loses. She is practical and efficient, with a good memory for rules, regulations, chapters and verses. Rita acts on her feelings, often decisively. She rarely tells someone the truth about themselves, but prefers more often to be her unique self (Fi). She is dreamy and imaginative; she writes everyone she knows into her book, but naively assumes no one else will notice, since they’ll be too swept up in the epic romance (Shane figures it out right away). Rita isn’t afraid to be unique, or come up with unusual ways to do her job (when sorting mail in the competition, she dons roller skates…why walk, when you can glide?). She has a zany approach to life, and is often eager to share her theories and ideas about who wrote the letters, and what may happen once delivered. Rita has an incredible memory; she uses it to memorize the entire post office regulations book, down to categories and subsections. She has a sentimental attachment to the post office itself, seeing it as a staple of the country, something to admire and sustain – who needs modern conveniences, when nothing can replace a good, old-fashioned letter and a stamp?

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Rita is quite calm and has an airy nature to her sense of presence; she feels most at home with things that are familiar and comforting, a bit romantic, but sees no reason to rush into anything — she lets Norman come mostly to her, she avoids conflict like the plague, she is open-minded and accepting of everyone and their eccentricities, and has a pleasant other-focus that cares about other people and their emotional needs. She can move slowly into things and enjoys finding people who get / understand where she is coming from. Criticism or fear of exposure hits her hard; she would rather take back her book and hide it, in case Norman figures out it’s about him. She happily merges with and serves the group, and is not at all competitive in an aggressive manner, but pleasant and affirming to others. Her 1 wing takes value in doing a job well done, represses any resentment she might feel (she is almost never truly angry), and seeks to do the right thing.