Shane is outgoing, optimistic, friendly and charismatic. She wastes no time in becoming emotionally involved in their cases, and in playing peacemaker, matchmaker and every other role she can think of, in the lives of the people they meet. Shane offers her opinions, thoughts and ideas freely, sometimes to the annoyance of Oliver, who complains that she “interferes” too much (she tells him to his face, his wife has abandoned him – you need to move on). She believes in a “tough love” approach – for Oliver’s betterment, she’s blunt about his wife but regrets when she’s too frank with him or anyone else. Shane wants to know the “why” of the letter…what motivated the person writing it, the circumstances behind it, etc. She’s never content to deliver it and move on. She believes in putting her best foot forward. Shane likes to look good, and encourages others to do the same. When Rita competes in a Best Office Employee competition, Shane tries to help her step up her appearance and hone her skills, so she’ll stand out in a positive way. She’s detail-oriented, interested in the lives of others and in knowing everything about the situations that fall into their path as a result of trying to deliver letters. Her connections tend to be swift, but are not always accurate. Shane is right about Oliver needing to move on from his wife, but wrong in assuming he is seeing someone else. She doesn’t pick up on the fact that he “likes” her right away, but is open to trying out new ideas and activities, even if she hasn’t done them before (he convinces her to learn to dance). Shane isn’t afraid to change tactics midstream, either; she enjoys brainstorming with Rita and Norman, when deciding what path to take.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Shane is proactive in inserting herself into people’s lives, and finds ways to “do” things for them that can be both genuinely sweet (throwing Rita’s Bachelorette Party) and a little controlling, since it’s all for their own good – whenever she decides Oliver hasn’t stepped up to the plate, she takes all the decisions out of his hands and does it for him. She has a bunch of people on speed-dial, to help save him from himself. Her 3 wing can be a bit competitive, flashy, and success-driven, and it also does not mind cutting a few corners and hacking into a few government files, if it helps them help people. She is also 3ishly optimistic, excited about the future, reluctant to talk about her sad experiences, and a little intolerant at times of Oliver’s need to be traditional or to hang onto his sorrow over his wife leaving him.