Lydia is only concerned about momentary experiences; she loves to be the center of attention, in the midst of society, having as much fun as possible. She delights in material extravagance and frequently spends the entirety of her allowance in one go. Lydia searches for opportunities and then seizes them – whether that involves flirting with local soldiers, getting to go to Bath with friends, or running away with Wickham in the middle of the night. Because she is so young, her inferior function is never used. If it were, she would have a better grasp of the long-term consequences of her behavior – which causes her to fall outside of “good society” and become a shameful secret in the family. She is very emotional but not inclined to talk through her feelings, merely act on them. Lydia knows what she wants and figures out how to get it. She loves her sisters, but unfortunately is very selfish and chooses to pursue her own interests at the expense of theirs (insulting them, risking their reputations, and gratifying her own desires by treading on their hopes). Her emotions lead to decisive actions and sharpness of speech; Lydia decides what she wants and goes after it, without consulting others (marrying Wickham, for example); she looks forward to establishing a household and enjoys a “leadership” role with her younger sisters. Lydia has factual explanations for everything, however skewed her logic.

Enneagram: 7w8 sx/sp

Lydia is all about having a good time, and indulging herself in pleasures – she likes to flirt with handsome men, she likes to be the center of attention, she enjoys being out and about, indulging in all life has to offer – dancing, going to Bath, even running away with Wickham. Before her other sisters are engaged, she has run off with someone, remained unmarried, then gotten married, and gone off with him to a far corner of the country – and in her tendency to re-imagine things in positive ways (common with 7s), she thinks it’s all wonderful and there’s nothing to be ashamed of; she’s just glad to precede her sisters in to the dinner table, as a “married woman.” Lydia’s 8 wing makes her earthy and hedonistic, as well as loud, boisterous, and unashamed of who she is (even when her mother and sisters tell her not to draw as much attention to herself). She is flirtatious and manipulative, eager to establish a romantic connection to a man, also with a fiery and dramatic temper.