Mrs. Bennett makes it plain how she feels, with an almost constant litany of complaints about … well, everything. How Mr. Bennett taxes her poor nerves. How her children will be the death of her. How upset she is with Lydia, then how proud she is of Lydia. How annoyed she is if Mr. Bennett will not go and see the new neighbors, so they can be properly introduced. How glad she is Mr. Bennett cares after all! She never shuts up, going through every single emotion out loud, as soon as she has it, being flamboyant and dramatic and miserable all in the course of a single afternoon. And, she’s the ultimate social organizer – pushing lovers together, arranging for them to meet up, seeing to it Jane has to “stay over” at Bingley’s house, and then bragging about it to her friends. She’s the ultimate stereotype, tragically – and her inferior Ti dramatically shows in how she never analyzes anything,ever. She’s more sensible than her husband, aware that her children need to marry wealthy men to pull them from poverty. Mrs. Bennett can be quite fixated to that end, using traditional methods to accomplish her goals, and playing by all the right social rules, although she can also bend them when it’s done and dusted (not understanding, once Lydia is married, why she can’t return to the neighborhood as if nothing has happened). Her lower Ne can be fanciful and romantic, dreaming of better things for her children, but it’s all within the realm of possibility.

Enneagram: 2w3 sp/so

She is helping, she really is. Helping Jane into Bingley’s house. Helping Lizzie to form a bond with a ridiculous parson. Helping them all form better connections and find good marriages. And like all 2’s, she’s not happy when people do not appreciate what she’s doing, so she becomes hysterical and wails about her “nerves.” Her 3 wing is concerned with status, appearances, and social climbing. She instantly tackles any disaster and gives it a positive spin (Jane getting sick just means she’s with Bingley longer; Lydia is married now, the first of my girls to wed, oh I’m so delighted… and so proud!).