Though quietly excited about the possibility of a new life, Jane is also content at home. She enjoys the familiar comforts and attaches certain sentimentality to her former experiences. Jane insists she can overcome her affection for Bingley, but can’t help feeling the same intense affection toward Bingley on their later acquaintance than she did during their short earlier courtship. She tends to take people and situations at face value and it is only after extended interactions with Caroline that she sees the woman’s truly “pernicious” nature. Jane is very sweet and compassionate, willing to live everyone the benefit of the doubt, and always striving to be socially appropriate. Even though she is “reserved” with her feelings (an introvert), she quite happily opens up with Lizzie and confides her delight. She is good-natured, pleasant, and easily pleased. The thought of thinking “badly” of anyone does not sit well with her; she is determined to think the best of both Darcy and Wickham. Once Jane spends more time with Caroline, she is able to step back and more objectively evaluate Bingley’s sister for who she truly is. Jane tries to reason out a scenario where both Darcy and Wickham are not to blame for their estrangement. Jane’s attempts to detach from Bingley and insist she no longer cares for him shows an ability to analyze and see “rationality” (an imprudent match), but her strong affections for him do win out in the end. Her approach toward others is a little idealistic and naïve; she refuses to believe their intentions are anything but honorable, even when it comes to Wickham. She doesn’t sense the true reason Bingley left or Lizzie’s changing emotions toward Darcy until others confide the truth in her.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Jane has a gentle outward focus. She hates conflict, and tries to avoid it, quick to soothe sibling rivalries and attend to her mother’s emotional needs. She also refuses to think about unpleasant things or to believe the worst of people, choosing a sunny disposition and naïve optimism. Her father calls her “agreeable.” Only when Bingley’s sister snubs her does she become more 6-like and question her motivations and intentions, allowing herself to be skeptical of her “help.” Jane is eager to please others, but also has some emotional reserve. She is discreet and respectful, never pushing her opinions or invading people’s boundaries. She tends to merge into and take on the attitudes of the people around her. Her 1 wing shows in how Jane is loving but firm with her sisters. She holds herself to high personal standards, refusing to act inappropriately like her sisters.