Kaleb is an opportunist, who loves to tackle things with his hands and be ‘one’ with the environment, as a vampire – this backfires when he encourages MG to try out human blood and accidentally triggers his ‘Ripper’ impulses. Kaleb was thinking primarily about the moment, and the pleasure of compelling someone and drinking their blood, not about the potential consequences of that decision (ignoring the possible backlash, indicating his weak inferior Ni). He is athletic and often quick to leap into action to protect the school and others. Kaleb can be aggressive at sports and often defies the school authorities, meaning he sometimes lands in ‘lock up’ to ‘cool his heels.’ Though he does not kill people, Kaleb believes (as Damon Salvatore did) that you need to feed off humans to be at your optimal best, so he has no problem compelling and feeding off mortals, then erasing their memory. He also agrees to erase memories for Alaric, whenever the headmaster wants a random stranger or townie to forget whatever magical thing they saw on the school grounds. He thinks logically – and tells Alaric the witches need to learn offensive magic so they can protect each other, because they are at a physical disadvantage to the werewolf and vampire students. Kaleb’s tert-Fe is prone to thinking in ‘we’ terms (as a collective group), which means he adopts a protective mentality toward his classmates. He also feels enormous guilt when he turns MG’s ripper side loose, and does all he can to fix it. He has no problem airing occasional resentments or feelings (like telling MG repeatedly to stay away from his sister).

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Kaleb does not like to face the consequences of his decisions—or deny himself anything that he wants. He goes against the school rules by feeding on humans and keeping it a secret; he sometimes lures coeds into the woods for just such a purpose. He is a rule-breaker, and can be ultra-hard on himself whenever he feels he has screwed up really badly (such as with MG, where he falls into a 1ish zeal of anger against himself). He is funny, flippant, and always looking to have a good time, amuse himself and others, and has a laid back approach to life. He isn’t looking for serious commitments so much as a good time. His 8 wing can be aggressive in pursuing his own wants and needs, in protecting himself and others, and in even leading them astray, though as the series unfolds, he becomes more ‘protective’ and less ‘a bad influence.’