MG’s life revolves around other people—appealing to them, gathering them together to accomplish things, and catering to their needs. He is generous and kind, compassionate, and over-concerned with others’ approval. He is quick to help Lizzie with whatever she needs, but shy about asserting his own desire to love her. He spent a great deal of time before coming to the school, trying to hide his vampirism from his father, who would not approve, as a pastor. He can be charming and charismatic, but too quick to lend support and not good at analyzing his own motives, behaviors, or the people he cares about (he alone loves Lizzie for who she is, warts and all). When others trash Lizzie at her funeral, he steps forward with a positive memory about how she impacted and improved his life, by urging him to change his name into something he “liked” instead of hated. He is far more-detail driven than his cousin, who prefers to ‘wing’ everything. MG takes any responsibility seriously, and will consult books in excess when attempting to problem solve, banish demons, or do something he has never done before. He becomes frustrated when others want to rush or improvise, rather than follow whatever the map says. His own experiences with Lizzie outweigh what others say about her, and he uses his Ne to look toward her greater potential. He can be apprehensive about rule-breaking and trying out new things, and somewhat fearful of allowing his vampire side to “take over” completely (which means he could become a ‘Ripper’ under the wrong influence). He tends to stick with what he knows, rather than explore what he doesn’t unless someone else takes him along with it, and he has rather a poor ability to judge others’ characters.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

An extroverted, likable and over-giving guy, MG is the first one to offer to help anyone who needs it. But, he also aims a lot of his general helpfulness – his encouragement, his enthusiasm, his kindness – at the person whose love he wants most: Lizzie. He thinks that if he sticks around long enough, is a shoulder to lean on enough, and helps her out enough, she will see him for the great guy he is and… love him in return. But MG can also get frustrated in being ignored, thwarted, and not given his own chance to shine. His 1 wing is very concerned with being appropriate, doing the right thing, not breaking the rules, and he feels an enormous amount of guilt whenever he loses control over his bloodlust.