Isabel has strong views about the monarchy and how it works; she does not like it when protocol is intruded upon, or anyone deviates from the “proper” way of doing things (that Edward marries a commoner instead of a princess; that Elizabeth is affectionate to him in public, etc). She is very fond of the family mythologies and enjoys repeating them to her sister (telling their history and embellishing the wild stories of the Mad Queen). Isabel frequently references her own experiences and the past when interacting with others. She is emotionally reactive and quick to share her feelings whenever things happen, confessing to her sister her disappointment to discover her marriage was not all about her, but about her father and his ambitions. When Anne asks her if George “hurt her” on her wedding night, she says, “Well, yes,” but then hastens to talk about what else is on her mind. She wants to serve her father and earn his love, she tries to find ways to placate and please her husband, hopeful for his warm affections. She easily cries and becomes hysterical whenever she is afraid, but others are somewhat capable of calming and reassuring her. Isabel’s greatest wish is to be a ‘stoic queen, like ice.’ She considers her sister ‘rude’ and unmanageable during her time spent in their rooms at court, and only allows her to join them once she behaves herself. Isabel sometimes convinces herself, without evidence, of certain bad things—based on past precedent and superstition, she accuses the queen of killing her baby with the storm (she’s right), of cursing their unborn children (not right), and of being a diabolical witch. No amount of convincing can change her mind. Once married to George, Isabel becomes terrified about the future and the unknown consequences of her father’s decisions – she is afraid of becoming queen, afraid of the uncertain outcome of the war, worried about the future for her children, etc. Once her life is out of control and the outcome is uncertain, she starts panicking. She is only happy when she feels safe.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Isabel is motivated through her fear and apprehension; it is almost a constant threatening presence in her life. Unlike her sister Anne, she does not even want to try on the queen’s robes her father sends her, out of apprehension of what this might mean, or how it could backfire and hurt her in the long term. She wishes her father not so reckless and ambitious; she doesn’t want George to make power grabs. Isabel uses sweetness to attempt to appeal to others and make herself seem innocent, but also comes across as nervous and even, at times, plain hysterical. She can be paranoid, accusing others of witchcraft or evil intentions, but totally surrenders to the authority of her husband and her father. Without them, she feels without guidance.