Jaquetta is a mistress of opportunism and political advancement; as soon as she sees Edward’s interest in her daughter, she pushes her to make the most of her situation and reach for the crown. Jaquetta swiftly accumulates power, and shifts her family members like pieces on a chess board (her husband jokes that he feels like she’s making policies and alliances, more than arranging marriages). She does not hesitate to take advantage of situations, using her political associations and relationships with former monarchs to get ahead (under trial for witchcraft, she slams her accusers, reminds them of her friendship with the queen, and leaves them to stew in misery; she does not hesitate to remind her daughter’s future mother in law of her own precarious position). She is more willing to forgive and move on from losses than her daughter. Jaquetta has a quick wit and a natural ability to read other people and respond to them in ways that they can appreciate. She has a strong sense of individual empowerment, but does not waste much time on her emotions or other people’s, so much as she decides what she wants and goes after it. She is forever thinking ahead, about establishing monarchies, getting her daughters into the line of succession, and planning for the future. Often, she tells Elizabeth to see the bigger picture and focus less on the present. Once she is the queen’s mother, she continues to seek future insights and truths, sometimes through her own instincts and at other times through magic. Jaquetta is very good at sensing the fall-out of things and planning her moves in such a way that she can avoid snares and pitfalls. Her tendency is toward boldness; she is rapid in noticing opportunities and taking them without a second thought (maneuvering Elizabeth into Edward’s way, bringing up her friendship with the “Mad Queen” to get her out of a charge of witchcraft, etc). She takes large gambles that often pay off, in involving her family in the affairs of court. Though her focus is on the future, she can also step back and live in the present. She has little interest in the past or in preserving it, but instead remembers things as they happened, without taint.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

Jaquetta has a masterful ability to control her image and retain her sense of authority and respect even under intense situations; she calmly assesses people and threats and diffuses them without losing face. When hauled before a tribunal to face charges of witchcraft, she reminds those present of her affiliation with the ‘Bad Queen’ they all hope to restore to the throne, and points out that she would be ‘very angry’ if they burned her favorite lady in waiting as a witch. Faced with the king’s wrathful mother, Jaquetta gains the upper hand over her by pointing out an indiscretion in her future, revealing her tendency to use others’ weaknesses against them in her ambitious upward climbing. Her husband remarks that she astonishes even him with her scheming and ambition, especially after she happily maneuvers her daughter into the king’s marital bed and starts plotting future high marriages for the rest of her daughters. Jaquetta quickly adopts a different colored rose and urges her husband and sons to do the same, much to their chagrin; shifting her loyalties with the wind. Her 4 wing is reserved and elitist, and enabled her to marry a man far beneath her station out of love.