A far more practical man than his ambitious wife, when Stafford realizes her intentions for her son, he points out to her the unlikelihood of their success. When she urges him to take up arms and defend the ‘Bad Queen’ in order to restore a Lancaster to the throne, Stafford refuses and throws his lot in with Edward instead, since he knows she is destined to fail and it is wiser to remain in favorable standing with the seated monarch. He understands how court policies work, and has no intention of taking massive risks on a fool’s errand. Stafford often tries to reason with Margaret, to no avail, based on past precedent. He remains skeptical of a lot of her devious intentions but is not blind to her affection for Jasper Tudor, even though it never leads to anything more than longing looks. A quiet man of reservation and prudence, he is not quick to leap on anything too risky, to step outside his comfort zone, or pursue any course which might lead their family into ruin. A compassionate and generous man, when Margaret shows utter coldness to her mother after her brother’s death in calling him a “traitor” who deserved to die, Stafford chastises her and asks her to find some compassion in her heart. He is forthcoming with his strong moral opinions about her behavior, but she thinks him a coward because he has none of her firm, deeply entrenched loyalties or convictions. Stafford instead chooses to please the king and his queen, urges his wife to be more hospitable to both of them, and does not want to make any waves, but is also smart enough to fight for the side he believes is going to win the war.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Stafford has firm moral convictions about what he considers to be right and wrong and is often appalled at Margaret’s treatment of others, her deviousness, and her underhanded tactics. He checks her on more than one occasion and insists he is ‘doing this for her own good,’ when he goes against her in fighting for the side she does not want him to protect. At times, he allows his strong opinions to alienate him from his wife’s favor and create discourse between them, but he considers himself working for a greater cause (to save her life). His 2 wing is warm and generous, willing to comfort people and forgive their transgressions, but ultimately he will do what he thinks best.