Anne is extremely forthcoming with all her thoughts, feelings, and opinions and can often be bold in asserting them, even when she feels intimidated by other people. Though the Bad Queen initially sneers at her, she soon discovers Anne has a fiercer spirit than she imagined at first. She is emotional and interested in pleasing others, upset when Elizabeth is ‘horrible’ to her or when her sister does not defend her. She continually attempts to comfort and console others, and wants to serve and be liked by everyone; she is easily hurt when others slight, insult, or shame her. Anne puts aside her own desires and dreams often when others ask her to; she marries, forges alliances, knows just what to say to make people come to her side, and tries to keep the peace wherever she goes. Once she obtains power, she sees things in terms of ‘we’ dynamics (her and Richard as a couple, which is common in high Fe users; it’s never ‘me and you,’ it’s ‘we’), which brings out her more ruthless side as she tries to strategize and get rid of her enemies. Anne’s history and experiences, those of her family, and the importance of her ancestral name, mean a great deal to Anne. She has a specific view of how things should be done, and doesn’t like it when these mythologies are intruded upon; she has a somewhat naïve impression of reality that conflicts with the brutality of it much of the time. Anne uses her knowledge, and her awareness of what has succeeded or failed in the past, to influence many of her decisions; she is fearful of situations in which she has no previous experience, and often seeks encouragement in them (“I don’t know what to do; no one told me”). Her Ne is quite good; she senses what George is trying to do (rob her of her fortune) through her being ‘under his care’ and takes active measures to stop him (by turning to an old alliance, the first man she wanted to marry, Richard) where her sister does not believe her accusations. She is an optimist who tends to see the future as exciting and full of endless possibilities; she doesn’t mind changing or stepping out of her former life to embrace a new one where she feels safe. Anne is good at thinking up multiple ways to interpret a situation and turn it to her advantage; other than loving Richard, she does not settle on one path for her life, but instead is willing to go wherever the wind blows her.

Enneagram: 2w3 sp/so

Anne is a warm-hearted and generous girl, eager to prove herself useful and helpful, and desperate for love. She adores Richard and longs for him to return the favor, clinging to him once they marry but often seeking reassurances to assuage her doubts about his true feelings (“Do you really love me?” she asks him, several times; because marrying him also got him her fortune!). She is easily hurt and slighted, feels used but ‘comes into her own’ and under stress, moves into 8sh aggression tactics in becoming hard and unreasonable, in asserting her authority, and wanting to take out their enemies. Anne is far more ambitious and eager for admiration than Isabel, who wants nothing to do with being a queen; Anne tries on the royal robes, dreams of sitting on the throne, and proudly takes it when it is time (her 3 wing influence). She can adapt herself easily to whatever she needs to be, in order to get others to respect or listen to her, though it takes her some time to develop this skill and more often, she relies on 2 tactics.