Edward’s reputation is one for loving beautiful women (“He’s bedded half the court!”) and the enjoyment of battle. He never lets his knights ride out into war alone, but insists on going with them. He is impatient to fulfill his sensual desires on the spot (“I must have you!”) and quickly marries Elizabeth when she refuses to lay with him. He is opportunistic, and sees chances to take action all around him. He tends to be fearless and impulsive, throwing himself into battle, challenging his advisors and his brother George for the throne, and leaping on chances to forge alliances when offered. When the kingdom is threatened, Edward calmly lays out an escape route for his wife and children, and gives her specific directions on what to do if he is killed or captured; but he has an overall optimistic view of the future and is certain of his success (“I will always come back to you”). He does not think much about the future, except in terms of how to fortify and secure his throne through his descendants. He quickly thinks things through and reaches conclusions, but is more inclined to think on the spot than commit to any single plan of action. He can be detached in his decisions and purely logical in doing what is best for his monarchy (including smothering a sleeping king; he arranges marriages for his children that his wife does not like, for their tactical or political advantage; though he hates to do it, because his brother has conspired his death with the King of France, he orders him executed). Edward can reason out anything and offer a solution; he is not stumped by problems, but instead sees them as natural challenges that he rises to without hesitation. If Elizabeth will not be his mistress … well, then, he will marry her instead in secret! Though he makes some decisions that hurt other people (such as taking on a mistress), Edward enjoys being liked. He has a warm, amiable personality inclined to forgive his brothers their repeated attempts to unseat him; he conceals his marriage to Elizabeth from Lord Warwick for a time to avoid the emotional upheaval it will cause at court. He is willing to reach compromises at times to keep the peace between his brothers and his advisers. Though disappointed in his first female daughter, Edward quickly recovers and is all smiles.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Edward is an aggressive man, who knows what he wants and intends to take it – he can be hedonistic and driven toward excessive pleasure, which his brothers scorn (he is cavorting with whores while his wife has another child upstairs; he increasingly gains weight as the series unfolds; he never turns down good food, drink, or a mistress). When he first meets Elizabeth, he is so desperate to possess her, he tries to force her to have sex with him, then becomes angry when she threatens him with a knife – but also respects her for it, and chooses to marry her. He clashes with Warwick often, because though he loves the Kingmaker, he refuses to let anyone else control him. These clashes in power lead Warwick to move against him, politically; even when captured, Edward continues to berate, scorn, and belittle his captors, attacking them. Yet, he also knows when to stay his hand, forgive his enemies, and extend compassion, against his wife’s greater desire for revenge, because he understands the power dynamics of the situation. His 7 wing does not like to admit to his failures or mistakes, and can be romantic-minded and avoiding of unpleasantness.