Robin is an incredibly physical and risk-taking man, who leaps on opportunities as they arise, from saving a man’s life through lying and pretending he was a servant hunting deer for his table, to delivering that deer to Prince John and flinging it on the table before him. He performs a range of quick-thinking stunts, scaling walls, swinging off gate ropes, letting down portcullises, stealing horses, and boldly sauntering up to and demanding the gold of traveling bishops and priests. He sneaks in to kiss and woo Lady Marion, despite having only escaped that very castle a few hours earlier. Robin does not think much ahead; he also never assumes he has caught King Richard in his net, and the visiting monarch must disrobe and reveal his kingly garments to convince him. He thinks on his feet and figures things out as he goes, effortlessly. He adapts to each new situation that comes along, with the confidence that he can think his way out of it, and for the most part, he does. He uses logical means to convince Prince John of his innocence and sit among them as a favored landowner, but his Fe becomes so disgusted with the man’s schemes, he stands up against him and then runs for his life. Robin puts together a band of outlaws to a common purpose, to do everything they can to rescue King Richard and harm Prince John’s efforts. He takes the time to humiliate Sir Guy for no reason other than fun, he likes to tease and provoke others, and he finds it easy to convince Marion of his goodness given the chance to speak to her.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Robin has a mentality of fighting oppression to favor the oppressed — stealing from the rich to give to the poor, which is a social 8’s primarily method of being — to identify who is being mistreated and act on their behalf, aggressively. He fears no one and nothing and can be impulsive in this, walking into a hall full of potential enemies to deliver a deer stolen from the king’s woods, defying Prince John when John expects his allegiance (it belongs to Richard), and in how he constantly challenges and mocks Sir Guy. Robin challenges Friar Tuck when first they meet, and enjoys humiliating him, before he brings him into the fold. His total lack of fearlessness and his recklessness, as a result, almost gets him hanged. His 7 wing is playful. An optimist, a braggart, and a prankster who enjoys making himself and others laugh, who can shrug off insults and threats and make a game out of his attempts to outsmart Sir Guy of Gisbourne. He is endlessly laughing, teasing, and making merry with his men, just all around ‘having a good time’ while indulging in everything life has to offer.