Sir Guy is a cunning and competent knight of the realm, who when Prince John needs to forge alliances, points out that one of his own men was punished by King Richard and stripped of his knighthood. If Prince John were to give him back a knighthood and title in exchange for this man killing King Richard, he could ensure his own succession to the throne. Guy thinks in these terms, of give and take, and absolutes. He gives and expects his orders to be obeyed, but he’s also respectful of the hierarchy of England and determined to work behind-the-scenes into a position of power. Single-minded and purposeful, Sir Guy can also be opportunistic and unrealistic about his own potential. He has firm ideas about how to shape the future and change England, which guide him. But he is more often prone to Se loops. Despite repeated experiences showing him to have the lesser hand, he remains convinced of his own ability to find, capture, and kill Robin Hood. In Sherwood Forest, he remains defiant. He sets up and participates in traps to ensnare Robin Hood. He’s quick to come up with a way to murder King Richard and crown Prince John, then notices and has Marion arrested; when caught, he leaps into action and challenges Robin Hood to a duel. His area of self-insecurity comes from inferior Fi. Though attracted to Lady Marion, he finds it difficult to speak to or impress her, and has such loyal ambitions to the English throne, he has no problem handing her over for having committed treason.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Sir Guy is ambitious and driven, able to put aside his personal feelings, and not always sure of what he wants on an emotional level. He is a proud, even arrogant man, often boastful of his intentions even when Robin Hood has proven him wrong and incapable of catching his Merry Men. He intends to execute Robin in front of everyone, to show off, and makes himself invaluable to Prince John as a resource, to gain power and prestige for himself. He hopes to use this influence to his own ends. His 2 wing is eager to please and to earn approval and titles through appealing to and helping Prince John solve his problems.