Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Paige is an A+ student frustrated to be paired with an incompetent “lush” who does not take his classes seriously, so she makes it plainly known to Eddie that his slacking is not going to ruin her grade average or prevent her from getting into Medical School. Her friends have to force her to take shots at the bar, just to get her to shut up about her “five year plan.” She is the queen of pointing out the obvious (“You are making Eggs Benedict on a hot plate in a dorm room?”) and is so used to putting aside her personal desires and attractions for her work and schooling, she finds it hard to concentrate and focus when her personal life starts taking over. Paige runs off to be with the man she loves for awhile, but ultimately comes to realize that this is “not the life I want,” and sacrifices him to continue in her education, with an eye on returning to her original goal of being a “Doctors without Borders.” She keeps track of all her desired destinations on a map in her room, and can be very blunt in asserting herself, at first. She chose a very practical profession that requires a great deal of rote memory work—medicine, which relies on past procedures and known facts, combined with the willingness to try out new research models. Paige becomes easily frustrated with things she cannot easily understand; she writes off Shakespeare as a boring old dead guy, and tells Eddie that he should just “say what he really means,” and not use nonsensical poetry to make his point. Once Eddie introduces her to the concept that words can have double meanings, then she is more able to interpret Shakespeare as she understands it and raise her grade. This is an example of lower Ne struggling to care about abstract concepts. For a time, she whimsically pursues the possibility of another life (being Ne impulsive, in throwing herself on a plane and preparing to be a crowned princess) but eventually she comes back to earth and stays practical and on target with her original goal.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Pagie cares all about work and being seen as smart. She tends to work, or think about her career, more than anything else, including potential romantic relationships. It throws her for a loop to have romantic feelings for Eddie that she did “not plan for,” but ultimately, she finds the idea of giving up her dreams and her future successes to simply be a wife unappealing. She has an early conflict with her mother, where she says she wants more for her life than just picking up kids from soccer. Though initially angry at Eddie for not telling her the truth of his identity, she does forgive him and for a time, is able to play the role of a future princess convincingly. Her 2 wing, however, pulls her to more practical, hands-on things—and she winds up on the front page, distracting from news of a hospital wing opening, because she was seen playing with some kids.