Functional Order: Ne-Fi-Te-Si

Barley places a great deal of self-worth in his ideas, feeling hurt when his brother rejects them as stupid, unrealistic, or immature. He says the best route is never the most obvious, and you have to “think with your gut.” He’s sure it never leads him wrong – and sure enough, he knows instantly that his brother has magic, that they should follow the ravens, that they ought to get off the highway and go up the road less traveled. Rather than look for practical solutions to each problem that arises, Barley thinks creatively and often defaults to the magic he has learned in his lifetime of being obsessed with quests, dragons, and magic. He shows a lower Si tendency to cling hard to the past in certain situations, such as not wanting them to tear down an ancient fountain (turns out, he needed it!). He frequently shows inferior Si forgetfulness, in neglecting to inform his brother of the details (which lands them in trouble), remember to fill up his van, think about curses, or deal with his parking tickets. Though compassionate and understanding of his brother, Barley is a little bit wrapped up in his own feelings at times. He enjoys teasing his brother mercilessly, and continues to do so even after his mother and brother protest about it. He is wildly enthusiastic about everything and doesn’t let his brother’s wet blanket attitude bring him down. Barley often wants to go the creative route, but can be a competent problem-solver. He wants to find solutions and isn’t too emotional, or too attached, to his beloved van to send her on a final ride, so that his brother can complete his quest. He sacrifices Guinevere for them, since he knows she can topple the boulder and block the police from arresting them.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Barley is a “screw up,” according to the police and his little brother. Why? Avoidance of facing his problems. Barley doesn’t like to think about his last memory of his father hooked up to tubes – he ran away, right out of the hospital room, and he’s never since stopped running. Meeting his father is his chance to say goodbye and apologize. A fun-loving, enthusiastic, and cheerful boy, Barley makes everything entertaining. He has an unsinkable spirit and ability to keep going on, even after life punches him in the gut a few times. But… he can also be irresponsible. He has never paid a single parking ticket. His mother is frustrated with him on an ongoing basis. His 6 wing is family-focused, it means everything to him. He shows anxiety on occasion, but it plays second fiddle to his infectious enthusiasm for life. As a sexual 7, everything is wonderful for him, idealistic; the world is full of magic.