Indiana figures out things “on the go,” and sometimes makes logical decisions in the heat of the moment that others do not like – such as when he leaves his “sometimes” girlfriend tied up in the first movie, because to untie her might set the camp in an uproar, and he wants it to remain ignorant of his presence long enough to find what he wants. So, much to her fury, he gags her again and walks away. Elsewhere, he figures out what to do, quickly, to survive—everything from working out an old temple trap’s puzzle in his head while he’s doing it to sliding underneath a car to avoid being run over. He is the master of his environment, at all times. Aware of what’s happening and what he can do about it, from kicking men into propeller blades to threatening one man with a fiery death, to jumping across terrain, riding like hell, bull-whipping himself out of sticky situations, smashing guys over the head, figuring out a way out of an underground tomb drenched in kerosene, etc. Indy is responsive and unhesitating in his adventures, plunging into tunnels, using things to wedge up falling ceilings, and of course, bedding some beautiful women along the way—but being so sensory-adaptive also means he tends to take people at face value. It shocks him to discover his lover is a Nazi plant who also had a relationship with his father. Indy shows flits of Ni in his love of solving puzzles, his single-minded pursuit of certain artifacts, and his quick intuition on what might happen when they opened the ark of the covenant. But he doesn’t think very far ahead. His inferior Fe can be callous at times, and doesn’t know how to handle hysterical women very well (and alas, he runs into a lot of them). He can become aggressive emotionally whenever he’s upset, quibbling with his lovers and his father and defying Nazi authorities. He also, carelessly, leaves the woman he loved standing at the altar to “run away” from their wedding, showing his lack of sensitivity toward her.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Indiana is all about having adventures—and avoiding getting tied down. He literally climbs out a window to avoid a gaggle of students who want to bombard him with archeology questions. He has never stayed very long with a woman, instead running away from Marion when things got a little too… well, permanent. He tells his students they ought to “get out of the classroom more.” Indy can be somewhat greedy and selfish in the prequel; until the cult forces him to reevaluate human life and weigh it against archeology, he’s only looking out for himself – but as time goes by, he becomes more invested in others. His 8 wing is aggressive and angry. He often punches people in the face as a first response to a threat. He can push and cajole them and enjoys a good argument. He fears almost nothing (minus snakes) and can be direct in pursuing whatever he wants, from sex to treasure.